Tuesday, December 19, 2006

noooooooooooo not again

pissed pissed pissed is what i am right now, on ME more than anything/one else.

so, i set the alarms at night, like a zillion of them, and think that im all set to wake up for my one-and-only class 'japanese' and guess what - I DO NOT hear the alarm when it goes off in the morning!

the goood look from Mizukuchi sensei yesterday on the fact that i should be careful abt attending my japanese classes was traumatizing enough for a long time, and here i was staring at my bloody phone at 9.35 when the class started off at 8.45.
pissed as i am at my warm bed in this winter weather, there is nothing i can do about it today except feel bad and come to school to tell him the truth.

but its difficult to wake up at 7am (wonder what am gonna do when i have to wake up for wrk at 5am or smth.. sheeeeeeeeet)and with no one else around at home, except shibika who's sleeping like a log in the other room (counting on me to wake her up) things just didnt seem to go right :P

to top things i hear the freaking pigeons on my balcony again. but this is their LAST day cuz theres gonna be something frm tmr onwards thats gonna stop them from comming.. muhahahaha.. will talk abt that later.

gotta go right now.
much love :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


sitting at home all charged up. ive been staring at the comp's screen fr a couple of hours now desparetly trying to find anime schools that i can apply to. its crazy with the number of them that have come up in the last couple of years. and with the amount of people applying to them, phew! God help me :(

its a 6mnths/a-year-long-ongoing-scary-phase deciding what to pursue at the beginning of your career - or for the rest of your life for some. i've had the opportunity to witness so many people get jittery abt interviews/ resumes/ deadlines & wearing the 'black' suit (well not so much.. ha-ha!) that i dont believe its time for me to start it too!!

once again i see familiar faces making trips to the career office to fill out company seminar forms for placements. i mark one or two myself. i have no clue why, or where its going to lead me and im scared as shit about the whole "job hunting" bizz. but what the hell, might as well give it a shot (on second thoughts, im not quite sure if this is what i want to do... hmm)

the net has made the world smaller in getting what we need, when we need, from any part of the globe we choose. but its ku-ra-zeee to see the numerous options we've infront of us! its tough enough going for interviews, leave alone finding places on your own to apply to. i marvel at the dedication of those who pursue this.

neways.. break times over and i gotta get back to checking out some more anime school websites.

i only hope i have an open eye (& mind) not to let go of any opportunity that comes my way, and make the most of whatever lil time i have!

to a crazy 就職 (to those 'been there-done that' & to the ones starting the crazy ride)

Friday, December 08, 2006

pain kill(er)s

I’ve been on pain killers for over 3days now. A couple of days back I managed to get a bruise and a cut on my left-index finger (the source of which is yet to be found!) The damn finger was all pink like a flamingo’s head until yesterday, but from today morning it started turning blue with the band-aid that’s been tied by the univ nurse. Lil thing still throbs with every moment of my left hand, so much so that the entire arm’s starting to hurt now *sob*sob*

Since the univ’s hospital doesn’t seem to satisfy the intensifying pain, I’m more than WILLING & HAPPY to announce that I will consider any advice on what to do/ or what I could do to make it better from anyone whose been through this.

However, please SKIP OVER the idea of “making an incision” cuz that’s smth that totally FREAKS ME OUT, and I’m NOT going to do it!!

Thanks in a million fingers.. oops.. figures!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Welsh Corgi

this is the cutest 2min video you will EVER watch.

thinking from the POV of the lil Welsch, it must be hard for dogs to live in a cage like that. mainly cuz you can understand evth that the other dogs are barking abt, but cant tell any humans abt it cuz they dont speak your language!

smts i wonder why there wasnt ONE language everyone/thing could speak. can you imagine ever explaining the rising global tempratures to polar bears.. haha.. what a wonderful world would that be!?!

btw, just dote over the way he starts to nap!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

year's end and Zima

i hadnt paid a visit to Zima since after the graduation party we had in september.
this weekend, after a yummy satisfying meal of tacos and beer we decided not to go home and hit a club for a lil bit. we went to roots, pastel, world sports bar and a dropped a peek at a couple of others on the way, only to find them all empty because there was a dance event in Zima and another one at a club in oita.

neways.. on getting to zima, we met an 'old friend' sitting on the stairs, who got our tickets reduced by a lil - i think.
there i was, standing inside, feeling all nostalgic when i got a 'hisasheeebureee ne' from ____san (forgot her name again!)

its was 60degrees inside and the place was packed with japanese ppl sittin all over the floor. we were just in time for the 2nd round of dances. the performances alternated from 2groups of guys and girls doing their dances. the girls did the j-lo/beyonce moves. the boys on the other hand, did a combination of hip-hop and the 80s break-dance. there was this fatty dancer who shocked everyone from jumping all over the stage and doing the wildest of steps.

after the competition was over, everyone hopped on to the floor. dancers were staring at themselves in the mirror while they jazzed up the floor, so we decided to do the same. after copying them for a long long time and making everyone else run far away from us, i went back to the counter to have a lil talk with ___san. she totally surprised me by giving a free drink :) and i came back smiling ear to ear, and started to shake my booty on the dance floor again.

later at night we sat at there, occasionally going to the floor and taking breaks to see the others. lolz. 'someone' changed his clothes like a million times and kept going up and down around us. in the end, isha and i got free shiny-light hand bands from him.. aint that sweet!!

neways, i came back home smiling and feeling good about starting off with the partying season. its birthday time soon, i am going to miss ol' friends who're in far-away lands. after that there's no stoppign with x-mas and finally new years! yipee.. im going to hold on to the horses (or reindeers) and enjoy the year's end making the most of whatever comes my way!

Friday, November 17, 2006


check out the lil details..
(cant do much about the dude's voice in the background..
kinda spoils the whole video.. but its a commercial!)

amazingly co-ordinated huh!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

another day in paradise

I got no idea why this happens, but its been prevalent for almost all my winter semesters here in Japan.

It in this particular time of the year, when nightfall seems to happen at 5pm, one starts to get bugged with the whole “go to school-work-come home-eat-sleep” routine.

For no reason, things that appear to go well seem to go out of their way. Out of the blue, there's a WHAM-n-a-BAM and then a spiral tunnel that takes you low into this abyss of unknown anxiety.

The mind goes round and round getting you worried for nothing, or simply makes you think about what you're going to do in the future (which gets everyone worked up without a doubt!!)

and I wonder:
Does it happen in other parts of the world, or is it just an APU phenomenon??

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i hate it i hate it i hate it

It's the end of autumn and a glimpse of winter right now. and its always in these first few crucial weeks of the *not-too-warm not-that-cold* confusing weather that i get pissed about this stupid country. so this year ive decided to put an end to getting bugged and let it out loud.

WINTER back in India and in JaPan are poles apart yet some days are similar enough to make one nostalgic about home sweet home. heres an insight on the lil differences that i could come up with. incase you got more, feel free to add them on.
at home we have foggy mornings and nights BUT HERE a couple of foggy days and for the rest you practically live in clouds.
indian wind is warm and drouzy with dust toppings BUT HERE winds only blow with one objective - to freeze your bone marrow.
home's winter sun makes you want to *plop* down in your bed with a hot chocolate mug BUT HERE the miGHty wind takes all the glamor and attention of the sun away.
we get all the yummy goodies which makes us experts in laziness BUT HERE you're hungry?? get out of bed and make yourself smth to eat $&(%$@)&^
last but not za least (and by far the touchiest topic for me)...
mornings dawn with faint sparrows chirping in the garden/courtyard to tell you winters here BUT HERE burping pigeon sounds next to your bed (a glass door away) say, "wake up you lazy bum!"

Friday, October 27, 2006

poop in the bag

i saw the yuckiest thing today.

i was on my way back from school when i saw a japanese lady on her daily walk with her dog at its pooping-time.

but this was different than the usual expeditions we witness around the globe.
as soon as he (or she) took the dump, i saw the lady sweep down and almost like the flash of lightening... the poop was gone!!! when i came back to my senses, i realized that the lady had skillfully taken it in her custody in a white poly-bag. after her swoosh-n-swish she casually twisted the bag shut tight, and walked away with her dog!

i was under shock and disgust. but moments later, i was in awe of the Japanese awareness and determination to keep their roads/society cleanl!!

*big applause to the lil shorties*

Thursday, October 26, 2006

busted in red canal

have you ever 'smuggled' people in a japanese hotel room and gotten caught AS SOON AS you shut the door by a voice on the phone??
letme tell you, these lil yellow skin and bones (aka. japs) have a certain way of finding things out. well well well hold onto your imaginations. letme tell you from the very beginning...

far far away in the land of the rising sun, my summer break was coming to an end as i bid farewel to september. end of holidays is always a depressing time of the year, so i decided to go for a short trip in its last week. i'd 3people joining me all the way from india and korea (the koreans arrived a day later).

the main reason for this entire expedition was that we were to go to the Apple store and get mac-books for two of the fellows. we spent the entire day be-u-tifully window shopping, sight-seeing, running in-and-out of the apple store atleast 5-6times (each time for a different reason). we spent the night in the red-light area which is perfectly located on the banks of a shallow canal (thus giving the place its name 'canal city').

as nightfall came, we started looking around for places to stay. one of the options was to take shelter in the internet-cafe. one would imagine how we can stay there the entire night. but japanese internet-cafes are far different from any part of the world (or atleast india). they have soothing foot sauna areas, hot showers, video games, big and small screen entertainment, food and snacks, big sofas, and least to say...'internet'!
but spending the entire night without a bed was smth we couldnt get our minds set to. after a session of ruthlessly shooting people (!videogames!) we saw ourselves nodding our heads in consent to a hotel where we were going to get ourselves a posh double-suite. the plan was to sneak in : two at a time.

from the previous night's experience at the hotel, we knew that the glass at the counter was coloured in such a way that neither the person infront of, or behind the counter could see each other (in short, the glass was opaque). there was just teeny 5inch space to slide money in/out for the stay and pass the room keys.

the koreans and me were of the same shape n size, so we were sure that the lady at the counter was bound to have no problem in making a mistake between us (moreover, she hardly sat at the counter). the journey up the elevater couldnt be more perfect. little did we know there was a camera right above the door to our room. as soon as we locked the latch, the phone rang! a polite voice at the other end asked how long the other two visitors going to leave the room in cuz they werent meant to be there! so this is how it feels to be caught red handed, i thought.

after everyone quickly walked out of the hotel, i went upto the counter to return the room keys. and for the first time i was glad to have been welcomed by the opaque glass at the counter.


Apple, apple, 1 - 2 - 3,
Apple for you, apple for me.
Apple's for big, apple's for small,
Apple stores tiny, Apple stores tall.
Apples were sour, apples were sweet,
But now theres an Apple with everyone you meet!
Apple in iPods, iTunes and Quicktime,
Holy crap! When do I get mine!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

graduation and gang

Graduation is a custom one aught to get used to while at APU mainly cuz it takes place twice every year!!
But somehow, with every batch leaving for their 'better' places, I see myself getting more and more attached to the ones left behind - so much so that saying the goodbyes hit you harder than even your bad grades.
Every one of the crazy girls i knew has left for the place she’s to go to, with the exception of one who is staying with me till the end of the month till her job starts.
My homes in a mess.. mainly cuz we’ve been living like princesses and are always on the move. Our nocturnal instincts have matured to a great extent, with at least one of us keeping awake till the sun rises cuz she’s rattling her brains with the virtual world.
We’ve been pleasuring ourselves with some extraordinary meals – which surprisingly have increased the frequency of our hungry appetites. Each night we sleep with a heavy heart, and promise each other to wake up the following morning to do some 'yoga'… which, as you all are aware of is the only method one can lose weight by merely breathing!! However, the month has passed but that delightful day is yet to dawn.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

somethings over the summer

I am alarmed shocked, horror-struck, appalled – call if whatever you want - I have awfully small feet!
I went to buy a pair of shoes a couple of days back and guess what, even the S-size of ‘japanese’ women (I mean, that is reallllyyy tiny) is BIG for me. There is enough room in the shoe to shove an entire finger. I mean, what’s the deal with that!!!


With the innumerable rumors about a biiiiig typhoon blowing around us and seeing no sign of it in the air had gotten us all disheartened. But then one that struck finally was so massively-magnificent that it shook us for days. There were things flying every where, sign boards of shops came tumbling down, trees were left a branched, and the sea – even though the beach was a lil messy - was happy with high tides for days!

Now the last couple of days left for classes to start again with the lecture-fever. This time I feel pretty old on seeing the new kids on-the-block all excited. I think about the good old AP House days -which is now being constructed into a congested maze with the new buildings - and feel nostalgic *sigh*

However, I should say that the enthusiasm which the new batch gets to those living-up-the-mountain is extremely infectious, and we all see ourselves eating in the shyokudo, having fun, going for Sugar, and making the same conversations about our 'multiculturalism' yet again!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hope - The Reason to live (06:40am)

6am. All is misty outside my windown. Not a soul on the streets even though its early September and not that cold. Buildings in the nearby areas arent in view cuz of the pouring rain that makes the huge hills behind the town invisible.

With 'Somethings in the Air' by Thunderclap Newman playing in my mind, a thin copy of The Alchemist, and a mug of coffee i feel there's nothing more i could ask for.

Yet there is something that misses or perhaps starts to take a form in its real colours as I now close my eyes to the real world and awake to a dreamland of paints and canvases.

A boy smiles at me. His heart is pure and innocence, free of all the miseries of the world. He waits to get out there to prove his worth, show that he's strong to take anything that comes his way. There is no doubt he will succeed in everything that he takes upon himself.

So I tell him to stay calm and relax, but he doesn't listen and moves forward. I take another one behind him and tell him to wait just a little bit more. But he goes faster than I can walk.

I wait for one last smile from before he goes white with the mist, and I wait...He will be back, I tell to myself, if not soon.

There is the power of hope that gives us the reason to live.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Midsummer Night's Tale

We got out of Beppu with our minds set for scuba-diving, unlikely to have a clue of what lay ahead of us for the two days to come…

White sand, palm trees, sunbathing n surfing, blue skies and crystal clear water – that’s the kind of beach we all expect to see and want to visit. But for unknown reasons, the beach that we went to in Saiki - a lil town out in the wilderness on the state borders of Oita and Miyazaki - had black sand, clear green water and perfect blue skies.

On reaching Saiki@4in the afternoon we realized our chances of going for scuba were zilch. But our minds were set to go out in 'the wild', so we took a bus to the nearest beach - Kamae. Now, when you hear 'near' you think it would take you 15-20mins to get there. In our case, the bus drive took 45mins, taking us the farthest away from civilization.

At the black beach, we swam to the setting sun. Fisherman ankur showed off his skills by catching a one-fin fugu fish with a stick! At a shack in the corner of the beach we found a bunch of boats, oars and lifejackets, thus concluding on going dark-water-sailing around midnight.

As nightfall came, we enjoyed beer n yummy food in the resort's Beer Garden. Since we were already high *with adventure spirit* and had nothing to hold us back, we decided to spend the night jumping in and out of the premises of the resorts swimming pool side, occasionally swimming in the sea and coming back to the pool to wash away the black sand that stuck to us.
This carried on for awhile until two of us were noticed (quite audibly) by the security guards as a can of coke fell from the vending-machine to quench the thirst of a man. After that, it was bub-bye too the swimming pool and hello to the steps on the black beach.

The night was cold, dark and beautiful. We pushed one of the rowing boats to the shore and decided to go for a bit of a row. Since the boat was meant for two, the Mighties got out for their first encounter with the sea. They came back concluding that we couldn’t be out for a long time cuz there was a hole in the boat that kept filling in water. Nevertheless, we took as many as five trips!

Florescent green plankton shone every time the oars hit the water. With the dazzling sky above our head n glittering plankton surrounding us, you can imagine the kick we were getting in our minds. How much ever I hate to say this word, it suits the situation perfectly - it was all ‘mindblowing’! The boys went as far as where they were left at the mercy of the sea, which was quite alarming cuz the water was almost half way up the boat!

Tired from all the rowing and fighting against the darkwater, we put evth back in its place, and slept for a bit. The wind blew its coldest around 3am, when we were woken up with ankur n isha getting a bottle of wine from a parked caravan nearby. Its believed that the dude who owned it had left the door open as (so it seemed by the manner in which his bag was left at the door) he'd ran out after forgetting smth.

So we popped it again again, only to wake up with the morning sun on our faces, eagles soaring up above us and people around us doing their morning walks.

to be continued...

Monday, August 07, 2006

hochh pochh

so... my worlds finally crashing down.

#1: today
my mouth was on fire for like half an hour from the flame that was created by the chillie-garlic paste that i hiked into my pasta for 'spicing' it up just-a-lil'-more. after soaking my mouth for a long time with ice packs, now the flames have gone down to the lower region of my body, i.e. stomach! it seems to be on fire with absolutely no way to cool it down.

the indian dish i was making for dinner got stuck to the damn pot n its lying in my sink now. its hard as rock - nothing is going to budge it from its place!

#3: so,
my cooking days are finally coming to an end. i been noticing that most of my dishes have been going for a huge field trip since the past now. yesterday was classic. i mean, how hard is it to make simple macaroni. you boil it, add the paste and its done! but no no no... for some reason, all the macaroni conspired against the hot water and got stuck together! in the end, everything tasted like a red-tomato-based-big-flour-paste with piman and onions! (it wasnt as bad as it sounds though)

aarrgghh.. jst needed to let out some frustration from the burning stomach! god help me tomorrow morning.. im dreading it!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

bic runga

maybe the whole summer bummer is into my head right now.. (cuz hell, its 4.47 in the morning)
dunno but this songs been haunting me ever since i heard it (a million times)
guess this will prbly get it out of my system then..

there's no cure, and no way to be sure
why everything's turned inside out
instilling so much doubt
my head is battling with my heart
my logic has been torn apart
it doesnt seem right to let you know all the things you mean to me
i should be much too smart for this
you know it gets the better of me
say you'll stay, don't come and go... like you do

sometimes songs can jst get enough on to you, eh!!
love you all so much

Thursday, July 27, 2006

song in my head

Hangin' out
Down the street
The same old thing
We did last week
Not a thing to do
But talk (??) to you

Steal the car
And bring it down
Pick me up
We'll drive around... (dum dee dum)
Wish we had
A joint so bad
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah

Hangin out
Down the street
The same old thing
We did last week
Not a thing to do
But talk (really??) to you
woo woo yeah!

(!teo teo teo teoo dhooooshhh!)

Monday, July 17, 2006

summer bummer

There is an insane amount of work that is to be done in a weeks time. Deadlines have to be met, and exams have to be studied for.

With all this work pressure, I see myself getting more and more relaxed and dreaming (cuz I’ve been sleeping too much) about what I am going to do during my summer break. Places I could go to, things I could do. Ideas I’ve never had are coming to my mind. When you have the tiniest bit of time to climb a mountain of work, why do 'then' the best thoughts, dreams and desires pop up in your head?? There is no way you can keep a track of them, and they wont stop coming even if you meditate – … not that I’m doing that either!!

A LOT is happening. Four crazy girls I know – namely adz, sra, ass n cp - leave APU f.o.r.e.v.e.r for better places (and better people??) My parents are dying for me to come back home so that my mom can come to Beppu with me in Sept (*oh, no no no*) weird incidents (??accidents??) have been happening to me in the last couple of weeks (one of them being going to a beautiful beach out in the ‘wild’), and a few more that I don’t wish to mention for various reasons - all I hope is that I can be sane till it all ends... or the summer break begins??

Lil’ thoughts and fears about summer vacations coming up nw. It is true that with all the people I hang out with going home or starting with jobs and higher studies, I won’t really have anyone here to “hang out” with. What am I going to do here?? – will I just die of boredom and run home as august draws to an end, or will I survive it all and have a great time?? Will I just lie in bed and sit on the net and put out my hair in the heat, or actually do some work, make some money and go some place cool?? too many questions and damn, I need to study right now…

Anyways, summer is here, and its going to get even hotter. I am already twice as dark as I was, and I can see myself turning charcoal by the end of August.
Much love to ya all.

p.s. I think its just the ‘heat’ talking…

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fun’s a killer… and this is how I’m gonna die

“So, you’re not going to school again today??” – I think, I really want to but… a switch in my mind goes off, I doze off again and rajat leaves for school.

Lately going to school has become a far fetched dream for me. With my sisters here, taking them around the city has been on top of my priority list (in fact the only thing on my list – if there is one!)
It’s been a whole week – probably more than that that I’ve been to campus. People have messaged me saying – you dead or alive, we haven’t seen you in a while.
Never in my millions of dreams had thought that I, of all the people, would be getting sick of not going to school. I mean, it’s been a fantasy to just party and have fun on sunny days instead of sitting inside a boring classroom. I mean, who doesnt want that?? But now I reckon I’m insane when I say I really miss going up the hilltop and seeing the familiar faces and doing the same old routine!
Studies and work one after the other with no breaks are a killer for some of the people I know. They work hard. Seeing them work makes me wanna do something worthwhile with my life. Find and learn something new on my own that makes me say – who's the shit!! I found out a completly new way to do smth so easily.
But I haven’t had a chance to do this in months now. I haven’t been going for work (which I’ve finally started to missL) no classes and sitting in the cool air with the buzzing sound of some prof’s voice in the background. Things I never thought have recently started to make me crave them more than ever.
I’m sick of waking up getting ready and having fun... it’s another routine. lolz. Ain’t that a funny thought now!
So this means no matter what we do our lives will be in routines all the time?? That’s something I never wanted.
What the hell… I’m getting ready and going out.

Friday, June 23, 2006

20plus someone

daybefore we were having a conversation which made me realize i was sitting with three teenagers - my younger sisters and a friend - who are all in their teens!!
while they discussed how their lives were gonna change at 17 n 18, and shibika was freakin out abt this yr being the last of her teenage years, i thought to myself hello.. you're gonna be 22 this year!! and THAT totally freaked me out - not realizing im turning older as every day passes, not doing so much (which i am yet to figure out) cuz i am busy taking one day at a time and each moment as it passes (which is not a bad thing).. adding to all the trippin' feelings, i read sradha's blog which talks abt 'young love' which made me feel even older than before (i wont disclose much, you gotta read to know what im talking abt)...
but a lady gets the age she deserves (as put very truly by ms. coco chanel) so then i thought, what the hell - live life, love and hate people, get messy and party.. so what if im gonna be 22 this year, the rides only just begun and its going to be one helluva rollercoaster!!
and im happy now :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

dirty dancing n sakkaaa

Its crazy how seeing people sing and dance can be addictive and make you want to shake your ass the whole day long. I’ve been on a dance-high ever since I saw dirty dancing and walk the line. With the songs as good as weird steps of Baby and flip-flop of heels of ms. witherspoon, I can see all of it actually effecting my lil mind... arrgghh...
neways... moving the groove from dance; match is on for tonight. beers and cute guys in shorts (thats becoming my pet line these days)... valdez, cole, owen, beckham.. hmm, its all a big high!!
i thought it would be difficult to follow, but the game's a sure treat and a lot like bb. plans to watch the last one in the world sports bar (and im told we gotta be there hrs before to actually find places to stand!!) lets see how that works out now..
alrighty then, until next time..
much love (^3^)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

never drink if you gotta pick someone up

at first i missed the 5.40 bus which gets me to the fukuoka airport right on time to receive my sisters at 9am. and when i reached the bus stop fr the next one at 6.30, i was told that it didnt go to the bloody airport! so i sat waiting infront of a closed starbucks for half hour - looking like a complete homeless person (credit goes to my hangover from continuous drinking fr two nights). finally the bus arrived and i slept through the journey like a kid.
at 9am i was woken up by a call from isha saying she got a call from the immigrations asking about our sisters coming over to japan to visit us. (time for a lil background - usually when a person catches a flight from fukuoka, you end up sleep throughout the journey and being woken up by someone just when you arrive at the airport. ive been doing this everytime i go back home, which is the reason i never know the way. so when i saw that we were in the city and there was no sign of an airport - i paniced!)
after bugging the untensurusan fr like ten mins in my sleepy-n-broken japanese, i was told that we were yet to get there. finally i reached the airport, ran around looking fr them and was told that everything was fine and the immigrations jst wanted to 'check'!
so we came back to beppu, with one of them saying - 'this country stinks' - owing to some weird fishy thing she'd eaten on the plane, and the other one all excited and ready to start her one month in chinki land.
their first lil party last night at the beach was fun! even though i'd to come back home early cuz one of em wasnt feeling too well (first encounter with alcohol) i guess she will be fine and i wouldnt have to come back home like last night nemore.. so wanted to party! but i guess on the 1st day, din've much choice. but they'll understand soon!
just hoping their stay is worthwhile. with plans getting made about okinawa, i really have no clue, but im really looking forward to the change.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What is it that we want.

I notice these days how some people get immensely BORED with everything around them. Even if they have friends who will do anything for them, work which they love, good grades, and the energy to attract anyone they talk to - there is a 'bored feeling' on their face all the time!

Its hard to understand what they are chasing because nothing seems to satisfy them. Yes, it is the same routine with the same people at college and the same food in the cafeteria. Life is made up of routines!

BUT people are happy and they enjoy every second that they live. Its what we give attention to that grows within and around us.

As for me - even if I get bored, it lasts only a couple of minutes because there is always something new to do.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

a fabulous musical concert in a posh country-house leaves you.. satisfied!!
i love music.. so much that smts even the go-off-to-sleep-or-you'll-die kinda boring music sounds quite charming. well the one today, that i'm talking about, wasn't anything like that :P
the concert (along with a barbeque) was at a beautiful country-house amidst bamboo trees, in a place called Kitsuki. it took a very very omoshiroi one-hr ride with my Otousan to get there (with him talking about my 'future' plans - i.e. ranging from what i'll do when i get back home in the afternoon to how many kids i want to have after i get married!)
so.. heneway,
the performances were great - flute, guitar, and harmonica. ones that leave you in high (romanchiku??) spirits with all sorts of wonderful thoughts. your mind becomes clear (even though its jst fr a split second) giving you a glimpse of what you want/should be doing in the future.. and the food (but ofcooose) was yummy as ever..
so i came back, feeling complete and happy cuz of all these wonderful things that had occured..
in the moment-of-clarity i'd even thought i would start off with my 1500word report, finish it by 10pm, watch an episode of friends, and then sleep.. perfect0??
BUT... on returning home i get a msg saying i have an exam in the 2nd prd on multiculturalism (mind you, its approx. 135slides EACH, and there are 5 lectures coming!!) shocked as i am, i couldnt understand what was being said to me.
i panic.. and i go ganbatte-ing fr 3hrs. finish one lect. and here i am ... (pause)
(did anyone feel that earthquake or was it jst me??)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

love at first sight

the instant we met, i knew it was smth special.
moments we've shared are unfathomable...
dancing around in circles till we saw stars. lazying around in the summer sun. getting embarrassed every time your head drooped as you dozed off. rains - running around like kids, getting soaked and wetting the whole house. food - ah.. that was a common love.
i thought we'd stay for longer, but you went away too soon.. its taking me long to accept this. even now, smts i can hear you sneeze and feel your presence!
it kills me to think we wont be together anymore. to smell shampoo as you shake your head to dry your wet hair.
no matter those who come, i've loved you, and i always will.
you're closest to heaven than i'll ever be, and i will miss you everyday my sweet kitty* (*my dog who passed away two yrs back).

ishpeaking thots

you know there are some people who know exactly what and when to say, and -usually- it makes a lot of sense.
for me, i usually end up going blank - zilch - *poof* at the time. OR i end up saying smth totally stupid, that makes no sense. then later, i come up with smth i could have said. but you know what, tough luck - the moment's gone!!
recently, i was actually able to say exactly what i felt, and surprisingly, it turned out to be the worst day. as i spoke, i knew it was all going wrong, and everything started to sound exactly the opposite of what i had meant it to.
it was like my head was saying "FYI: smts our weaknesses are our strenghts. SHUT UP!" but i didnt.
so, a general advice to those who have the same problem - you're not losing out on much. its not such a good feeling anyway :P

Monday, May 15, 2006


mon (2:40am):
while the ppl i knw are busy wid their jap essay, thesis, orkut, sleeping, play-station and being pissed-abt-another-monday-mornin' , i sit n feel yucky with the look of my msn-space. too many things in that page - should've kept it simple ppl!!
better days. better place. better posts (hopefully).
see ya around.
much love,
moi :p