Friday, December 08, 2006

pain kill(er)s

I’ve been on pain killers for over 3days now. A couple of days back I managed to get a bruise and a cut on my left-index finger (the source of which is yet to be found!) The damn finger was all pink like a flamingo’s head until yesterday, but from today morning it started turning blue with the band-aid that’s been tied by the univ nurse. Lil thing still throbs with every moment of my left hand, so much so that the entire arm’s starting to hurt now *sob*sob*

Since the univ’s hospital doesn’t seem to satisfy the intensifying pain, I’m more than WILLING & HAPPY to announce that I will consider any advice on what to do/ or what I could do to make it better from anyone whose been through this.

However, please SKIP OVER the idea of “making an incision” cuz that’s smth that totally FREAKS ME OUT, and I’m NOT going to do it!!

Thanks in a million fingers.. oops.. figures!

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stash said...

thanks to the lovely ladies' advices, i am happy to announce that my fingers wayyyyy better now & not sore nemore :)
love you all.. and taanx again!