Tuesday, December 19, 2006

noooooooooooo not again

pissed pissed pissed is what i am right now, on ME more than anything/one else.

so, i set the alarms at night, like a zillion of them, and think that im all set to wake up for my one-and-only class 'japanese' and guess what - I DO NOT hear the alarm when it goes off in the morning!

the goood look from Mizukuchi sensei yesterday on the fact that i should be careful abt attending my japanese classes was traumatizing enough for a long time, and here i was staring at my bloody phone at 9.35 when the class started off at 8.45.
pissed as i am at my warm bed in this winter weather, there is nothing i can do about it today except feel bad and come to school to tell him the truth.

but its difficult to wake up at 7am (wonder what am gonna do when i have to wake up for wrk at 5am or smth.. sheeeeeeeeet)and with no one else around at home, except shibika who's sleeping like a log in the other room (counting on me to wake her up) things just didnt seem to go right :P

to top things i hear the freaking pigeons on my balcony again. but this is their LAST day cuz theres gonna be something frm tmr onwards thats gonna stop them from comming.. muhahahaha.. will talk abt that later.

gotta go right now.
much love :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


sitting at home all charged up. ive been staring at the comp's screen fr a couple of hours now desparetly trying to find anime schools that i can apply to. its crazy with the number of them that have come up in the last couple of years. and with the amount of people applying to them, phew! God help me :(

its a 6mnths/a-year-long-ongoing-scary-phase deciding what to pursue at the beginning of your career - or for the rest of your life for some. i've had the opportunity to witness so many people get jittery abt interviews/ resumes/ deadlines & wearing the 'black' suit (well not so much.. ha-ha!) that i dont believe its time for me to start it too!!

once again i see familiar faces making trips to the career office to fill out company seminar forms for placements. i mark one or two myself. i have no clue why, or where its going to lead me and im scared as shit about the whole "job hunting" bizz. but what the hell, might as well give it a shot (on second thoughts, im not quite sure if this is what i want to do... hmm)

the net has made the world smaller in getting what we need, when we need, from any part of the globe we choose. but its ku-ra-zeee to see the numerous options we've infront of us! its tough enough going for interviews, leave alone finding places on your own to apply to. i marvel at the dedication of those who pursue this.

neways.. break times over and i gotta get back to checking out some more anime school websites.

i only hope i have an open eye (& mind) not to let go of any opportunity that comes my way, and make the most of whatever lil time i have!

to a crazy 就職 (to those 'been there-done that' & to the ones starting the crazy ride)

Friday, December 08, 2006

pain kill(er)s

I’ve been on pain killers for over 3days now. A couple of days back I managed to get a bruise and a cut on my left-index finger (the source of which is yet to be found!) The damn finger was all pink like a flamingo’s head until yesterday, but from today morning it started turning blue with the band-aid that’s been tied by the univ nurse. Lil thing still throbs with every moment of my left hand, so much so that the entire arm’s starting to hurt now *sob*sob*

Since the univ’s hospital doesn’t seem to satisfy the intensifying pain, I’m more than WILLING & HAPPY to announce that I will consider any advice on what to do/ or what I could do to make it better from anyone whose been through this.

However, please SKIP OVER the idea of “making an incision” cuz that’s smth that totally FREAKS ME OUT, and I’m NOT going to do it!!

Thanks in a million fingers.. oops.. figures!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Welsh Corgi

this is the cutest 2min video you will EVER watch.

thinking from the POV of the lil Welsch, it must be hard for dogs to live in a cage like that. mainly cuz you can understand evth that the other dogs are barking abt, but cant tell any humans abt it cuz they dont speak your language!

smts i wonder why there wasnt ONE language everyone/thing could speak. can you imagine ever explaining the rising global tempratures to polar bears.. haha.. what a wonderful world would that be!?!

btw, just dote over the way he starts to nap!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

year's end and Zima

i hadnt paid a visit to Zima since after the graduation party we had in september.
this weekend, after a yummy satisfying meal of tacos and beer we decided not to go home and hit a club for a lil bit. we went to roots, pastel, world sports bar and a dropped a peek at a couple of others on the way, only to find them all empty because there was a dance event in Zima and another one at a club in oita.

neways.. on getting to zima, we met an 'old friend' sitting on the stairs, who got our tickets reduced by a lil - i think.
there i was, standing inside, feeling all nostalgic when i got a 'hisasheeebureee ne' from ____san (forgot her name again!)

its was 60degrees inside and the place was packed with japanese ppl sittin all over the floor. we were just in time for the 2nd round of dances. the performances alternated from 2groups of guys and girls doing their dances. the girls did the j-lo/beyonce moves. the boys on the other hand, did a combination of hip-hop and the 80s break-dance. there was this fatty dancer who shocked everyone from jumping all over the stage and doing the wildest of steps.

after the competition was over, everyone hopped on to the floor. dancers were staring at themselves in the mirror while they jazzed up the floor, so we decided to do the same. after copying them for a long long time and making everyone else run far away from us, i went back to the counter to have a lil talk with ___san. she totally surprised me by giving a free drink :) and i came back smiling ear to ear, and started to shake my booty on the dance floor again.

later at night we sat at there, occasionally going to the floor and taking breaks to see the others. lolz. 'someone' changed his clothes like a million times and kept going up and down around us. in the end, isha and i got free shiny-light hand bands from him.. aint that sweet!!

neways, i came back home smiling and feeling good about starting off with the partying season. its birthday time soon, i am going to miss ol' friends who're in far-away lands. after that there's no stoppign with x-mas and finally new years! yipee.. im going to hold on to the horses (or reindeers) and enjoy the year's end making the most of whatever comes my way!