Saturday, July 29, 2006

bic runga

maybe the whole summer bummer is into my head right now.. (cuz hell, its 4.47 in the morning)
dunno but this songs been haunting me ever since i heard it (a million times)
guess this will prbly get it out of my system then..

there's no cure, and no way to be sure
why everything's turned inside out
instilling so much doubt
my head is battling with my heart
my logic has been torn apart
it doesnt seem right to let you know all the things you mean to me
i should be much too smart for this
you know it gets the better of me
say you'll stay, don't come and go... like you do

sometimes songs can jst get enough on to you, eh!!
love you all so much

Thursday, July 27, 2006

song in my head

Hangin' out
Down the street
The same old thing
We did last week
Not a thing to do
But talk (??) to you

Steal the car
And bring it down
Pick me up
We'll drive around... (dum dee dum)
Wish we had
A joint so bad
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah

Hangin out
Down the street
The same old thing
We did last week
Not a thing to do
But talk (really??) to you
woo woo yeah!

(!teo teo teo teoo dhooooshhh!)

Monday, July 17, 2006

summer bummer

There is an insane amount of work that is to be done in a weeks time. Deadlines have to be met, and exams have to be studied for.

With all this work pressure, I see myself getting more and more relaxed and dreaming (cuz I’ve been sleeping too much) about what I am going to do during my summer break. Places I could go to, things I could do. Ideas I’ve never had are coming to my mind. When you have the tiniest bit of time to climb a mountain of work, why do 'then' the best thoughts, dreams and desires pop up in your head?? There is no way you can keep a track of them, and they wont stop coming even if you meditate – … not that I’m doing that either!!

A LOT is happening. Four crazy girls I know – namely adz, sra, ass n cp - leave APU f.o.r.e.v.e.r for better places (and better people??) My parents are dying for me to come back home so that my mom can come to Beppu with me in Sept (*oh, no no no*) weird incidents (??accidents??) have been happening to me in the last couple of weeks (one of them being going to a beautiful beach out in the ‘wild’), and a few more that I don’t wish to mention for various reasons - all I hope is that I can be sane till it all ends... or the summer break begins??

Lil’ thoughts and fears about summer vacations coming up nw. It is true that with all the people I hang out with going home or starting with jobs and higher studies, I won’t really have anyone here to “hang out” with. What am I going to do here?? – will I just die of boredom and run home as august draws to an end, or will I survive it all and have a great time?? Will I just lie in bed and sit on the net and put out my hair in the heat, or actually do some work, make some money and go some place cool?? too many questions and damn, I need to study right now…

Anyways, summer is here, and its going to get even hotter. I am already twice as dark as I was, and I can see myself turning charcoal by the end of August.
Much love to ya all.

p.s. I think its just the ‘heat’ talking…