Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Welsh Corgi

this is the cutest 2min video you will EVER watch.

thinking from the POV of the lil Welsch, it must be hard for dogs to live in a cage like that. mainly cuz you can understand evth that the other dogs are barking abt, but cant tell any humans abt it cuz they dont speak your language!

smts i wonder why there wasnt ONE language everyone/thing could speak. can you imagine ever explaining the rising global tempratures to polar bears.. haha.. what a wonderful world would that be!?!

btw, just dote over the way he starts to nap!!


Anonymous said...

awwwwww...i literally did that when it snuggled up to the wall to sleep. the cutest thing.BTW if u wna watch an annoying dog talk watch 'the family guy' on you tube. its a series like the simpsons or south park..and the baby stewie there is hilarious.I personally dont like that cartoon very much but its got alot of dark humour n sarcasm.

stash said...

haha, yea i rem stewie.. found him annoyingly-intellegent for the comments he passes :P opinion on evth! love the way he takes everyones case