Friday, November 17, 2006


check out the lil details..
(cant do much about the dude's voice in the background..
kinda spoils the whole video.. but its a commercial!)

amazingly co-ordinated huh!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

another day in paradise

I got no idea why this happens, but its been prevalent for almost all my winter semesters here in Japan.

It in this particular time of the year, when nightfall seems to happen at 5pm, one starts to get bugged with the whole “go to school-work-come home-eat-sleep” routine.

For no reason, things that appear to go well seem to go out of their way. Out of the blue, there's a WHAM-n-a-BAM and then a spiral tunnel that takes you low into this abyss of unknown anxiety.

The mind goes round and round getting you worried for nothing, or simply makes you think about what you're going to do in the future (which gets everyone worked up without a doubt!!)

and I wonder:
Does it happen in other parts of the world, or is it just an APU phenomenon??

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i hate it i hate it i hate it

It's the end of autumn and a glimpse of winter right now. and its always in these first few crucial weeks of the *not-too-warm not-that-cold* confusing weather that i get pissed about this stupid country. so this year ive decided to put an end to getting bugged and let it out loud.

WINTER back in India and in JaPan are poles apart yet some days are similar enough to make one nostalgic about home sweet home. heres an insight on the lil differences that i could come up with. incase you got more, feel free to add them on.
at home we have foggy mornings and nights BUT HERE a couple of foggy days and for the rest you practically live in clouds.
indian wind is warm and drouzy with dust toppings BUT HERE winds only blow with one objective - to freeze your bone marrow.
home's winter sun makes you want to *plop* down in your bed with a hot chocolate mug BUT HERE the miGHty wind takes all the glamor and attention of the sun away.
we get all the yummy goodies which makes us experts in laziness BUT HERE you're hungry?? get out of bed and make yourself smth to eat $&(%$@)&^
last but not za least (and by far the touchiest topic for me)...
mornings dawn with faint sparrows chirping in the garden/courtyard to tell you winters here BUT HERE burping pigeon sounds next to your bed (a glass door away) say, "wake up you lazy bum!"