Sunday, May 28, 2006

a fabulous musical concert in a posh country-house leaves you.. satisfied!!
i love music.. so much that smts even the go-off-to-sleep-or-you'll-die kinda boring music sounds quite charming. well the one today, that i'm talking about, wasn't anything like that :P
the concert (along with a barbeque) was at a beautiful country-house amidst bamboo trees, in a place called Kitsuki. it took a very very omoshiroi one-hr ride with my Otousan to get there (with him talking about my 'future' plans - i.e. ranging from what i'll do when i get back home in the afternoon to how many kids i want to have after i get married!)
so.. heneway,
the performances were great - flute, guitar, and harmonica. ones that leave you in high (romanchiku??) spirits with all sorts of wonderful thoughts. your mind becomes clear (even though its jst fr a split second) giving you a glimpse of what you want/should be doing in the future.. and the food (but ofcooose) was yummy as ever..
so i came back, feeling complete and happy cuz of all these wonderful things that had occured..
in the moment-of-clarity i'd even thought i would start off with my 1500word report, finish it by 10pm, watch an episode of friends, and then sleep.. perfect0??
BUT... on returning home i get a msg saying i have an exam in the 2nd prd on multiculturalism (mind you, its approx. 135slides EACH, and there are 5 lectures coming!!) shocked as i am, i couldnt understand what was being said to me.
i panic.. and i go ganbatte-ing fr 3hrs. finish one lect. and here i am ... (pause)
(did anyone feel that earthquake or was it jst me??)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

love at first sight

the instant we met, i knew it was smth special.
moments we've shared are unfathomable...
dancing around in circles till we saw stars. lazying around in the summer sun. getting embarrassed every time your head drooped as you dozed off. rains - running around like kids, getting soaked and wetting the whole house. food - ah.. that was a common love.
i thought we'd stay for longer, but you went away too soon.. its taking me long to accept this. even now, smts i can hear you sneeze and feel your presence!
it kills me to think we wont be together anymore. to smell shampoo as you shake your head to dry your wet hair.
no matter those who come, i've loved you, and i always will.
you're closest to heaven than i'll ever be, and i will miss you everyday my sweet kitty* (*my dog who passed away two yrs back).

ishpeaking thots

you know there are some people who know exactly what and when to say, and -usually- it makes a lot of sense.
for me, i usually end up going blank - zilch - *poof* at the time. OR i end up saying smth totally stupid, that makes no sense. then later, i come up with smth i could have said. but you know what, tough luck - the moment's gone!!
recently, i was actually able to say exactly what i felt, and surprisingly, it turned out to be the worst day. as i spoke, i knew it was all going wrong, and everything started to sound exactly the opposite of what i had meant it to.
it was like my head was saying "FYI: smts our weaknesses are our strenghts. SHUT UP!" but i didnt.
so, a general advice to those who have the same problem - you're not losing out on much. its not such a good feeling anyway :P

Monday, May 15, 2006


mon (2:40am):
while the ppl i knw are busy wid their jap essay, thesis, orkut, sleeping, play-station and being pissed-abt-another-monday-mornin' , i sit n feel yucky with the look of my msn-space. too many things in that page - should've kept it simple ppl!!
better days. better place. better posts (hopefully).
see ya around.
much love,
moi :p