Monday, August 07, 2006

hochh pochh

so... my worlds finally crashing down.

#1: today
my mouth was on fire for like half an hour from the flame that was created by the chillie-garlic paste that i hiked into my pasta for 'spicing' it up just-a-lil'-more. after soaking my mouth for a long time with ice packs, now the flames have gone down to the lower region of my body, i.e. stomach! it seems to be on fire with absolutely no way to cool it down.

the indian dish i was making for dinner got stuck to the damn pot n its lying in my sink now. its hard as rock - nothing is going to budge it from its place!

#3: so,
my cooking days are finally coming to an end. i been noticing that most of my dishes have been going for a huge field trip since the past now. yesterday was classic. i mean, how hard is it to make simple macaroni. you boil it, add the paste and its done! but no no no... for some reason, all the macaroni conspired against the hot water and got stuck together! in the end, everything tasted like a red-tomato-based-big-flour-paste with piman and onions! (it wasnt as bad as it sounds though)

aarrgghh.. jst needed to let out some frustration from the burning stomach! god help me tomorrow morning.. im dreading it!!


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