Sunday, May 28, 2006

a fabulous musical concert in a posh country-house leaves you.. satisfied!!
i love music.. so much that smts even the go-off-to-sleep-or-you'll-die kinda boring music sounds quite charming. well the one today, that i'm talking about, wasn't anything like that :P
the concert (along with a barbeque) was at a beautiful country-house amidst bamboo trees, in a place called Kitsuki. it took a very very omoshiroi one-hr ride with my Otousan to get there (with him talking about my 'future' plans - i.e. ranging from what i'll do when i get back home in the afternoon to how many kids i want to have after i get married!)
so.. heneway,
the performances were great - flute, guitar, and harmonica. ones that leave you in high (romanchiku??) spirits with all sorts of wonderful thoughts. your mind becomes clear (even though its jst fr a split second) giving you a glimpse of what you want/should be doing in the future.. and the food (but ofcooose) was yummy as ever..
so i came back, feeling complete and happy cuz of all these wonderful things that had occured..
in the moment-of-clarity i'd even thought i would start off with my 1500word report, finish it by 10pm, watch an episode of friends, and then sleep.. perfect0??
BUT... on returning home i get a msg saying i have an exam in the 2nd prd on multiculturalism (mind you, its approx. 135slides EACH, and there are 5 lectures coming!!) shocked as i am, i couldnt understand what was being said to me.
i panic.. and i go ganbatte-ing fr 3hrs. finish one lect. and here i am ... (pause)
(did anyone feel that earthquake or was it jst me??)


seasoned_soul said...

lol...yes was an earthquake!a 1 pointer maybe. the concert n bbq sounds blissful. waiting for a nice sunny day and a chance at a bbq party- at the koen or even better..Lake shidaka!! we need more friend's with cars ya!! We went up there once for a bbq two summers ago...beautiful place. with boating n all:)gta make plans..and quick!

nanzy said...

def an earthquake. it rocked my world, literally lol

bbq sounds fun..and school works..hahaha..i know wht u talkin abt. ganbatte.

Anonymous said...

so u didn't go to the shrink ?

stash said...

hey 'anonymous',
hw abt you going and seeing one first??
let me knw hw it was.. i can go to the same then!