Friday, October 27, 2006

poop in the bag

i saw the yuckiest thing today.

i was on my way back from school when i saw a japanese lady on her daily walk with her dog at its pooping-time.

but this was different than the usual expeditions we witness around the globe.
as soon as he (or she) took the dump, i saw the lady sweep down and almost like the flash of lightening... the poop was gone!!! when i came back to my senses, i realized that the lady had skillfully taken it in her custody in a white poly-bag. after her swoosh-n-swish she casually twisted the bag shut tight, and walked away with her dog!

i was under shock and disgust. but moments later, i was in awe of the Japanese awareness and determination to keep their roads/society cleanl!!

*big applause to the lil shorties*

1 comment:

seasoned_soul said...

It is quite impressive. Gotta give it to them for that!