Monday, May 15, 2006


mon (2:40am):
while the ppl i knw are busy wid their jap essay, thesis, orkut, sleeping, play-station and being pissed-abt-another-monday-mornin' , i sit n feel yucky with the look of my msn-space. too many things in that page - should've kept it simple ppl!!
better days. better place. better posts (hopefully).
see ya around.
much love,
moi :p


seasoned_soul said...

definatly better...cleaner classic blog look!:)welcome!!!like the travieso bit but can't figure out what it umm..deeep hehe.

stash said...

beri beri sankyuu!
it means 'naughty' in spanish..
dunno how deep that is!! :P

nanzy said...

welcome welcome ;) glad to have u here