Tuesday, May 16, 2006

love at first sight

the instant we met, i knew it was smth special.
moments we've shared are unfathomable...
dancing around in circles till we saw stars. lazying around in the summer sun. getting embarrassed every time your head drooped as you dozed off. rains - running around like kids, getting soaked and wetting the whole house. food - ah.. that was a common love.
i thought we'd stay for longer, but you went away too soon.. its taking me long to accept this. even now, smts i can hear you sneeze and feel your presence!
it kills me to think we wont be together anymore. to smell shampoo as you shake your head to dry your wet hair.
no matter those who come, i've loved you, and i always will.
you're closest to heaven than i'll ever be, and i will miss you everyday my sweet kitty* (*my dog who passed away two yrs back).


nanzy said...

reminds me of my puppy named lucky who unluckily passed away a year ago *sobbbbb*

Anonymous said...

reminds me of my puppy too...bo-hoo-hoo! plz go and see a shrink!

seasoned_soul said...

Kitty... your dog! I'm sorry to know.May it's soul rest in eternal peace in doggy heaven.I've never had pets until recently...those two adorable fishees. but they died too.:( fish bowl's empty, life's empty.It's nice that u've dedicated an entry to the memories.In the end...thats all we have.

seasoned_soul said...

Btw, what happaned at Kuta's after I left that day??