Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fun’s a killer… and this is how I’m gonna die

“So, you’re not going to school again today??” – I think, I really want to but… a switch in my mind goes off, I doze off again and rajat leaves for school.

Lately going to school has become a far fetched dream for me. With my sisters here, taking them around the city has been on top of my priority list (in fact the only thing on my list – if there is one!)
It’s been a whole week – probably more than that that I’ve been to campus. People have messaged me saying – you dead or alive, we haven’t seen you in a while.
Never in my millions of dreams had thought that I, of all the people, would be getting sick of not going to school. I mean, it’s been a fantasy to just party and have fun on sunny days instead of sitting inside a boring classroom. I mean, who doesnt want that?? But now I reckon I’m insane when I say I really miss going up the hilltop and seeing the familiar faces and doing the same old routine!
Studies and work one after the other with no breaks are a killer for some of the people I know. They work hard. Seeing them work makes me wanna do something worthwhile with my life. Find and learn something new on my own that makes me say – who's the shit!! I found out a completly new way to do smth so easily.
But I haven’t had a chance to do this in months now. I haven’t been going for work (which I’ve finally started to missL) no classes and sitting in the cool air with the buzzing sound of some prof’s voice in the background. Things I never thought have recently started to make me crave them more than ever.
I’m sick of waking up getting ready and having fun... it’s another routine. lolz. Ain’t that a funny thought now!
So this means no matter what we do our lives will be in routines all the time?? That’s something I never wanted.
What the hell… I’m getting ready and going out.


nanzy said...

hah u know i miss u :)

we're not that boring, come on... lolz

stash said...

miss you too :P