Thursday, October 26, 2006

busted in red canal

have you ever 'smuggled' people in a japanese hotel room and gotten caught AS SOON AS you shut the door by a voice on the phone??
letme tell you, these lil yellow skin and bones (aka. japs) have a certain way of finding things out. well well well hold onto your imaginations. letme tell you from the very beginning...

far far away in the land of the rising sun, my summer break was coming to an end as i bid farewel to september. end of holidays is always a depressing time of the year, so i decided to go for a short trip in its last week. i'd 3people joining me all the way from india and korea (the koreans arrived a day later).

the main reason for this entire expedition was that we were to go to the Apple store and get mac-books for two of the fellows. we spent the entire day be-u-tifully window shopping, sight-seeing, running in-and-out of the apple store atleast 5-6times (each time for a different reason). we spent the night in the red-light area which is perfectly located on the banks of a shallow canal (thus giving the place its name 'canal city').

as nightfall came, we started looking around for places to stay. one of the options was to take shelter in the internet-cafe. one would imagine how we can stay there the entire night. but japanese internet-cafes are far different from any part of the world (or atleast india). they have soothing foot sauna areas, hot showers, video games, big and small screen entertainment, food and snacks, big sofas, and least to say...'internet'!
but spending the entire night without a bed was smth we couldnt get our minds set to. after a session of ruthlessly shooting people (!videogames!) we saw ourselves nodding our heads in consent to a hotel where we were going to get ourselves a posh double-suite. the plan was to sneak in : two at a time.

from the previous night's experience at the hotel, we knew that the glass at the counter was coloured in such a way that neither the person infront of, or behind the counter could see each other (in short, the glass was opaque). there was just teeny 5inch space to slide money in/out for the stay and pass the room keys.

the koreans and me were of the same shape n size, so we were sure that the lady at the counter was bound to have no problem in making a mistake between us (moreover, she hardly sat at the counter). the journey up the elevater couldnt be more perfect. little did we know there was a camera right above the door to our room. as soon as we locked the latch, the phone rang! a polite voice at the other end asked how long the other two visitors going to leave the room in cuz they werent meant to be there! so this is how it feels to be caught red handed, i thought.

after everyone quickly walked out of the hotel, i went upto the counter to return the room keys. and for the first time i was glad to have been welcomed by the opaque glass at the counter.

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