Tuesday, December 12, 2006


sitting at home all charged up. ive been staring at the comp's screen fr a couple of hours now desparetly trying to find anime schools that i can apply to. its crazy with the number of them that have come up in the last couple of years. and with the amount of people applying to them, phew! God help me :(

its a 6mnths/a-year-long-ongoing-scary-phase deciding what to pursue at the beginning of your career - or for the rest of your life for some. i've had the opportunity to witness so many people get jittery abt interviews/ resumes/ deadlines & wearing the 'black' suit (well not so much.. ha-ha!) that i dont believe its time for me to start it too!!

once again i see familiar faces making trips to the career office to fill out company seminar forms for placements. i mark one or two myself. i have no clue why, or where its going to lead me and im scared as shit about the whole "job hunting" bizz. but what the hell, might as well give it a shot (on second thoughts, im not quite sure if this is what i want to do... hmm)

the net has made the world smaller in getting what we need, when we need, from any part of the globe we choose. but its ku-ra-zeee to see the numerous options we've infront of us! its tough enough going for interviews, leave alone finding places on your own to apply to. i marvel at the dedication of those who pursue this.

neways.. break times over and i gotta get back to checking out some more anime school websites.

i only hope i have an open eye (& mind) not to let go of any opportunity that comes my way, and make the most of whatever lil time i have!

to a crazy 就職 (to those 'been there-done that' & to the ones starting the crazy ride)

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Anonymous said...

kanpai. will drink to that!!will have to do so soon myself. what i escaped in APU..is chasing me now and is on my bloody heels!! cant . run. any. faster. haha. good luck.