Thursday, August 02, 2007

Spiders, not as good as Mr.Spidey

The itsy bitsy spider, crawled up the water spout,
Down came the rain, and washed the spider out
Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider, crawled up the spout again.

theres smth about spiders that freaks the living begeeses out of me.
i have a common dislike for all creatures crawly, slithering, slimy, posessing-tenticles like snakes, lizards, roaches, grasshoppers, crickets, octopus, crabs and the kin. no matter what you call them or how sweet the name may sound (like cockroaches are called gokiburi-chan in japanese!) i mean, WHATS IN A NAME!!! it still crawls and makes you climb up that chair/bed/ or the highest place from ground where its crawling!!
but spiders - shiverrrrsss & my teeth clatter.. brrrrrrr ($%^#*^) there is NO OTHER insect or slithery thing that can make me 'feel' yucky for as long as i can if, like today, i came in contact with a spider!
i know i know.. there are much terrifying things oon earth, but who cares.. even though i killed by spraying insect-repellant on it from a 3feet distance, picked it up by a looooong stick and threw it down my balcony, i can still feel all scratchy and i keep dusting/ brushing/ scratching myself as if i am surrounded by thousands of them in a locked room (T-T)
i mean, arachnophobia is all fine. but im going nuts here!
WHAT IF it crawls its way back up like the Itsy-Bitsy spider and comes for revenge. WHAT IF it attacks me when im getting out of the building. WHAT IF it informed all the spiders in the surrounding area of its death right before it died - in a wavelenght deaf to humans, and told them of being sprayed and thrown off a balcony.. AND WHAT IF they're coming to avenge him.. buhuhuhuhhuhuhuhu.. im DOOOOOOMED!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Solstice 夏至

The event of Candle Night began on June 22, 2003 as a volnteer event organized by many Japanese environmental NGOs. With its lil-too-cheezy-slogan of "Turn off your lights, and take it slow," calls for a two hours of complete 'lights out' and spent in the serene atmosphere of candlelights.

Many groups such as the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, businesses, governments & public facilities as well as artists in a variety of fields across Japan have shown their support for this event.

The website even gives you "quidelines" on how to enjoy two hours in a candle lit environment. From DVDs and CDs sets to play on the event, to the kind of music you should listen (punk rock, jazz, electronic), the sort of activities you can do: read a book, have a quiet dinner, games you can play such as hide-n-seek, even take a bath, have a party, or sleep!!
The event is organized in almost all over Japan, with CandleNight special talkshows over the radio in Tokyo, and candle-lit temple visits in Kyoto.

This year's 'Candle Night Summer Solstice' will be held from June 22 to 24, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
No matter where you are and how busy your work might be, take out 2hrs on either of these 3days and be relaxed.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

EARTHQUAKE shakes Beppu, Oita

so basically we came home after watchng "pirates: AT WORLDS END" and we had the biggest earthquake (in my experience).

the building shook with small tremors at first and we thought it was the wind, cuz the apartments are made from wood and it usually shakes from slightest winds.

but then it came again, and this time for a good 40seconds!
i remember rajat screaming at the top of his lungs to get out of home. i tried to unlock the main door with trembling hands and him screaming, and managed to twist my right foot. i was shaking badly the whole way as we ran down from the 6th freaking floor.

there were more students that met us on the street. with the japanese families who live in our building driving off with packed bags and calm expressions.. i couldnt understnd what made them remain soo bloody pacified in life. after about 15mins of waiting, we walked all the way back up the 6floors, and came home. i packed a bag with some chocolate bars, our wallets, Id cards and some medicines. we could hear cars moving around the neighbourhood, and bikes zooming across as well with ppl looking fr open spaces. while i admired the shampoo, soap, conditioner bottles fallen in the bathtub wondering 'that quake shook us, eh" and filled a bottle of water to be kept in my emergency bagpack, it came again!

i looked at my face in the mirror and it was swaying. this time as we ran down again i felt a lil better cuz we were ready for whatever happened next (and mostly cuz we were wearing shoes unlike the first time). we sat on the roads for another 20mins, and whenever we got ready to go back in, we felt another tremor and decided on the contrary. and THIS happened atleast 7times. by the end of it ppl had collected in a huge games feild near our home, and everyone was out of out our building.

when we came home finally, we kept 'feeling' tremors in our heads. shibi, prashmu and megu came over. petrified as we all were, we stayd up till late feeling the quakes in our heads. finally at 2am, we called it a day and crashed at our place. 6ppl in 2rooms.. and we already felt safe knwing tht all those who matter the most were right there with us, leaving no scope of uncertainity of the whereabouts of the others.

throught the night the tremors kept coming and ish n me were up everytime the earth trembled. we kept 'refreshing' the japanese website to check out the magnitude of the EQs that cme. the probabilities showed 80% to the predictions for the EQ that we kept tonight. they ranged only from 3 ~ 4.8 and we were shitting in our pants. now comes the scary bit...
there are predictions for the NEXT one - with my city, Oita, as the epicentre again!! - for 28th June, with a 100% probability is a 5.8 !!

wonder how we re going to survive that eh!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

the K-O

friday night fever was on. we had a yummy dinner after which shibi and i went to our fav 'speak easy' & then infront of tokiwa where we shared a few 'chu-hi's. after being in our 'happy' state for sometime, we walked towards pastel & world sports bar where we met ankur strolling outside, and then followed him inside to the white-chambers of pastel.

shibika being the smart one didnt have any other drink/shot, while i got extremely enthusiatic about having a KO - a true 'knock-out' - with 96%alcohol rasberry vodka, gin, and cranberry juice. when i got the glass, the only thing i could notice was the smooth googley glass infront of me. with every sip, something snapped in my head, and even though i was aware of the fact that i would be going crazy VERY soon, i kept on having the devil's drink. no kidding, it was one of the yummmmiest drink ive had so far!

then smth struck, the strings went loose and i was on a highway to dumptown. as im still in no position to recall the events of that night, i was told the next day that i had gone insane! i was having a very majimena conversation with the professor who took my interview for a TA - and in no time, i was screaming at him abt women-rights and empowerment (i can just remember his scorn expression at me like he could kill me - trust me he COULD) which followed with the screams being transfered at Masa, who was behind the bar that evening, about india being more culturally diverse & rich in comparison to any part of the world, esp. china! after which my waterballoon burst and i was howling like an irritating kid like the world was going to end tomorrow. and before being dragged out of the place, i insisted on paying for isha's drinks as well and threw a 5000bill on the counter (umm... isha wasn't even there that night!)
if it wasnt for rajat & shibika, i would have been left lying on the street smwhere. they put me in a cab, heard me screaming "stupid boys" like a zillion times followed by my skrieks to pay for isha & myself !again! for the cab-ride, somehow got me home where they saw me throw up and passout in the toilet.

i was my WORST-est behavior and if it wasnt for them, i dont knw what i would have done.. i can get very pissing off and irritating - something i HATE abt getting drunk.. but they stood by me and were there. it means a LOT that they went through this trouble of bearing with my nuisance again, and so i want to promise myself and you all, of never getting unconsciously drunk EVER in my life again, and esp decline any offers of having a 96%
thank you for always being there for me.
love you all.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


my favorite mid-week day when i have nothing to do.
i sat in bed the entire morning slurping chinese ramen, reading blogs of artists, trying to learn this chinese song i heard a couple of days back, and watching re-runs of 300(have fallen HARD for the graphics of this film) and Curse of the Golden Flower (hmm.. beautiful sets & clothes that can be seen from 2continents away).
as for my fellowsufferes, they are busier than me with more worthwhile tasks like giving bloodtests on the hilltop (aka. APU), feeling relieved/relaxed after cleaning their kitchens, teaching English to a group Japanese kids.. which reminds me i better be getting ready for my english conversations lesson with a student in 30mins.
until we meet again!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

kai wo toru

we left midday for the banks of the waterfront in Hiji city. the goal was to get a bucket full of shell-fish.

after a brief lunch of ham-sandos (sandwiches) we strenuosly scanned the rocks on the banks of the incoming-sea to accompanish our goal. every now and then we had little crabs running out from under the stones that we moved to see if we found more shells for my japanese parents, and their friends, to eat! to our surprise, Otousan found 2 octopuses - surely a BIG treat, cuz we werent expecting to find anything more than shells.

later, we left for the Jumonji-hilltop (close to the four towers behind APU). while some of us went to pluck take (bamboos) from the forest, two-others sat and basked in the sun besides a japanese graveyard.

on returning to our base-camp, Okaasan and us kids went to an old-old onsen.. you know, one of those 'tokubestsu na tokoro'. neways, after trying for 20mins to hike ourslves into the water, we figured that it was JUST TOO HOT - like 40degs £@^*!$% - so we extended one of the cold water pipes to make the ofuro a lil lukewarm so that we could sit in it atleast. just as we had started to enjoy ourselves 2 obaasans (grandmoms) scolded us for spoiling the kimochi (feeling) of the ofuro by making the water cold, cuz they had cme there yesterday, and it was much hotter and better then!!

heneways, so we got home feeling dizzy with ecstacy, and were welcomed with onsen-tamago (steamed eggs) - which were yummm - being from the chickens that were kept at the entrance of the farmhouse!!

and now i sit on my dining table, making this blog entry and i think to myself.. this is the "wierdest" post i have ever made!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

花見(桜)Cherry Blossom Seeing



Like every April, we went for the 'hanami' on the 1st of the month.. only this time there wasnt a bbq, instead a big bunch of kids with my Jap mum dad!!

We left for Yamaga, a lil town in the midst of nowhere between Hiji and Beppu. Even though the day wasn't as sunny and bright, we had the greatest time riding sliders and going for paddle-boat rides in the rain.

Did You Know:
The 2007 National Cherry Blossom Festival marks the 95th celebration of the original gift of the 3,000 cherry trees from the city of Tokyo to the people of Washington, DC in 1912. The trees signal the coming of Spring with an explosion of life and color surrounding the Jefferson Memorial on the Tidal Basin in a sea of pink and white.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

yon sama

from the mindboggling session about verbs/adverbs/adjectives/nouns/articles blah blah blah.. my english conversations lesson moved to a better (and more intense topic) of whether "Yon sama" of fuyu no sonata was hot or not!

the mom said yes and sighed over the calmness in the brown eyes that were hidden behind the specs, while the daughter (like me) agreed on how we cudnt even find one thing that was "sigh-able" - if that beest a word - in that guy!

aahh pleeeze.. you be the judge!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Aint he the cutest lil monkey !?!

p.s. from "Shelly Scraps: Musings of a British illustrator in Japan"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Love Story = Sob Story

Can a movie be so good that it makes you sob/cry/weep/sigh- call it whatever name you wish - for more then 30 mins!!!
Erich Segal's Love Story clearly has this effect on its audience. I read the book when in high-school. But today, after seeing the movie, all the long-gone feelings came flying into my heart and head making me very very very heavy!!

sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob sob

Friday, February 16, 2007

Global Warmed Sunshines

after a tiring long week of 6 hrs of continuos talks on Globalization, I'm finally at the beginning of my winter vacations. even though i had to wake up everyday at 7 am and sleep late at night 'cuz of the presentations, i would say spending these 5 days in the politically charged class has been the BEST, from the numerous classes i've "marked my attendance" for, in my years at APU.
so now that my vacations are finally here.. i don't want to spend the first weekend sitting at home (as you must've already read in the previous post). i came up with a list of things i could do. however, as always, am a lil confused as what i should do.. so i'd highly appreciate if anyone could come up with suggestions. here's the list:

1. go to kyoto/kobe - chill out & go crazy taking pictures of temples & shrines.
2. get a tattoo
3. go shop (boots & bags)
4. take the 20,000 ticket and spend the weekend in tokyo - even though i'd probably go over the week after next.

apart from paying attention to the usual whirlpools in my mind, i've come to notice that the weather's been a lil weird this year. scary to think how the world temperature - or at least Beppu's - has changed so much so quick! last february, the city was covered under a few feet of snow, unlike this year's brown/dry/waiting-for-snow mountains.
with canada having experienced -30degs of temp, an average of 10 in japan, and indianHOTwinter.. i don't know what we are moving towards - but its going to be a helluva scary piece of (... umm...) something!! i saw the movie on global warming by Al Gore. accepted and heard all that he had to say. listened to the critics about him hyping up the whole "warming up" issue, but i think if we don't do anything NOW, we will see ourselves being underwater soon!!

heneways.. its our world as much as it is a world of the people who are destroying it, and hopefully things will change soon (for the better)!!

will scrap more later.. im going to have some beauty sleep before the long weekend.

buckets full of snow for those who haven't had any this year :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

world hold on

the beats are awesome, the videos great, the lil boy's the cutest, the sequence dance is fabulous, and the doggy is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!

play it while reading the post below
(adds a lil flavour to it!)

session blues

splat! splat! splat! and it started to rain like crazy on the 14th morning as i woke up.

there was nothing special abt the day, as i'd always thought of it to be :(

pretty casual.. and i managed to get a lot of work done.. hehe
covered-up for the winter session classes that am taking these vacations, after which i went to teach english to two japanese ladies. one of their daughter's made me "cashewchocos" which were YUMMMMMM as heaven (on the other hand, the woman whom i teach, gave me 2japaaneeezu apples!!!!) and i went on to teach the other lady - kimiko.. who, as the dear ol' helpful japanese that she is, introduced me to another friend of hers who's looking for an english teacher!!
a long dinner at our favourite Kuuta-ramen followed the english lessons and meeting with my new student. it was ashmas birthday, and was a lil funny wishing her happy valentines (and birth) day in the same breath.
all in all, the day was fruitful and i got tons of HAPPY n GOOD news.. it will be told to ya all in a couple of days.. justo waito a momento!!!!!

with everyone doing somethin fun away from sad beppu.. ive been having dreams if running over to somewhere during the weekend. aditis going skiing on sunday (swear, if she din, i would have visited her in Mie-ken!) rajat and ankur are having a good time in tokyo with dave. home being home, isha's having a helluva blast too.

as for me... hmm.. ppl have promised to mail me list of parties and events for the weekend, but lets see what happens.
this post has been like writing a (s)crappy journal entry.. will write more later, cuz i have to read 282pgs of World Politics for tmr's exam!!

upcoming post... love n bright-global-warmed sunshines

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My name is ~

this is in response to "Chloe Fitzgerald"s email dated Monday, February 05, 2007; Posted at 11:21 AM

Your Irish Name Is...

Alannah O'Mahony

miss you all tons!!
p.s. look out for the upcoming grad ceremony entry!

Monday, January 29, 2007

little miss sunshine

"It may be clunky, it may not always run right, but everyone will be OK so long as we all get together and push."

by far the most (well, 'one' of the most) funny-touching-real movies ive seen.

its about a family taking a cross-coutry trip to get their young daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant. the 2days trip turns into a journey.. making them realize that the distance they travel between themselves is more than the one they covered on the road.

with a grandpa who dopes, a mom who smokes, a motivational speaker as a dad, an uncle who tried to kill himself for a "looooong reason", and two lovely kids (wont tell you their special traits!) i wouldnt say the family resembles mine or anyone else's, but the mere fact that they have their differences like any of us, and yet able to stay together and overcome problems is what touches the hearrrrt!!

hope you like it as much as i did
love n 'sunshines' as always :P

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Friday, January 12, 2007

reports and cars

i have two lousy reports, along with the major end-of-semester japanese report due on the same day. when you are under work-pressure, lousy thoughts start to pop up in your head, making you tensed for no rhyme or reason. things of no importance start making episodes in the mind n getting you worked up.

so, while i was cribbing and getting pissed about things around me, i got an email informing me about a car accident that one of my friend's been in.

the boy driving the car died on the spot, while the other 2kids along with my friend had multiple fractures & were in crital conditions. she is now thankfully off the critical list - but it will be a long long recovery, with many corrective surgeries along the way. her skull was fractured and her face badly damaged. but she's alive, all there and fighting to get well - so it will be okay.

reading all this made me feel extremely small. it made me realize that there are bigger and serious challenges that poeple have to face. our own petty mind-games mean nothing when one hears abt someone facing and going through so much. the lil differences that we have among ourselves should mean little, & be resolved soon. life is too short n uncertain to worry about stupid things. i can only feel grateful for evryone and evth i have.

for those of you who go out on drives, dont do it too FAST - just keep check on the accelarator and be safe okay!
you are all too precious to lose.
love and big hugs.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

new yr greetings n moo

!! happeee nuuu eeeer !!

ten days already gone by, i have a good feeling about this year.. not to mention it is the last one of my beloved university life, things might go abit crazy with thesis & job-hunting. but nevermind.. it will all come and go for the best! :)

the beginning of the year was nothing i had expected it to be.

at first we couldnt come up with a "plan" cuz it was freezing outside (compared it now its nothing but whatever), and we were quite reluctant on going to a club - you know, been there done that last year sorta thing. so we hit off the night with a big big 'last supper' as a farewel to 2006.. pasta and wine. having a lil too much fun there, we forgot to keep a check on the time, until someone said it was 8mins to midnight when we got out. we ran down the restaurant, along the road then down again into the subway only to emerge from it at 'sharp' 12:00 to see the fireworks explode infront of us!!

we wished each other and then stood staring at the "rappers" who were performing on a lil wooden stage with about 100people dancing to their tune, surrounded by stalls of food and sochu (jap alcohol - drunk HOT in winter). with the smell of fried chicken and beer, we walked off to the street performance of wadaiko, then to the numerous clubs that we have in that area - roots, zima, sports bar - they were all dim with drunk japanese/APU students welcoming us. so we decided on taking home - cards & drinks - and playing poker!!

our first walk home from the 'happening' side was a comical one with ankur doing copies of the Wagah border march (the borderline btween india and pakistan). with shrieks of laughter we entered our neighbourhood and rajat's apt (which we managed to trash superbly). we played poker all night, along with the 'HIT ME' game (dunno know what you call it) with nihal being the dealer. we had a bottle of an expensive-yummy-peach-french-wine, of which ppl kept trying to get a hold of all the time, and sme other drinks. after laughs on winning and losing started to show us the korean way of playing poker. the rules of this none of us drunkards could comprehend, so we concluded on the fact that it was a truly lousy game :) (oopsie.. no offenses)!!

later the babes started to topple on the sack one after the other, while the dudes started their fierce discussion on their beloved 'apples & windows', with reference to the fountain(head) as well. later on they watched the first sunrise of the year and grabbed a bite of the (much abhorred now) Mac!

the following day, while the rest of the us went for an elaborate trip to scary-wet-cold Yufuin, i stayed at home sleeping n having fun, so much so that i got a homedelivery of chicken tikka masala for dinner!)

with such a good start to the new year, i wish you all a great many incidents/accidents of happiness with outcomes that are truly IN YOUR favour :P may the lord be kind and you have tons of great things knock on your doors.

keep in touch & us informed abt all that goes around thru blogging (if not mailing n chatting).

much love n happiness for the year to come..
until we meet again!!