Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ishpeaking thots

you know there are some people who know exactly what and when to say, and -usually- it makes a lot of sense.
for me, i usually end up going blank - zilch - *poof* at the time. OR i end up saying smth totally stupid, that makes no sense. then later, i come up with smth i could have said. but you know what, tough luck - the moment's gone!!
recently, i was actually able to say exactly what i felt, and surprisingly, it turned out to be the worst day. as i spoke, i knew it was all going wrong, and everything started to sound exactly the opposite of what i had meant it to.
it was like my head was saying "FYI: smts our weaknesses are our strenghts. SHUT UP!" but i didnt.
so, a general advice to those who have the same problem - you're not losing out on much. its not such a good feeling anyway :P

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seasoned_soul said...

know what u mean..it's perfect it my head but it comes out all wrong.