Sunday, September 17, 2006

somethings over the summer

I am alarmed shocked, horror-struck, appalled – call if whatever you want - I have awfully small feet!
I went to buy a pair of shoes a couple of days back and guess what, even the S-size of ‘japanese’ women (I mean, that is reallllyyy tiny) is BIG for me. There is enough room in the shoe to shove an entire finger. I mean, what’s the deal with that!!!


With the innumerable rumors about a biiiiig typhoon blowing around us and seeing no sign of it in the air had gotten us all disheartened. But then one that struck finally was so massively-magnificent that it shook us for days. There were things flying every where, sign boards of shops came tumbling down, trees were left a branched, and the sea – even though the beach was a lil messy - was happy with high tides for days!

Now the last couple of days left for classes to start again with the lecture-fever. This time I feel pretty old on seeing the new kids on-the-block all excited. I think about the good old AP House days -which is now being constructed into a congested maze with the new buildings - and feel nostalgic *sigh*

However, I should say that the enthusiasm which the new batch gets to those living-up-the-mountain is extremely infectious, and we all see ourselves eating in the shyokudo, having fun, going for Sugar, and making the same conversations about our 'multiculturalism' yet again!

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