Saturday, June 10, 2006

never drink if you gotta pick someone up

at first i missed the 5.40 bus which gets me to the fukuoka airport right on time to receive my sisters at 9am. and when i reached the bus stop fr the next one at 6.30, i was told that it didnt go to the bloody airport! so i sat waiting infront of a closed starbucks for half hour - looking like a complete homeless person (credit goes to my hangover from continuous drinking fr two nights). finally the bus arrived and i slept through the journey like a kid.
at 9am i was woken up by a call from isha saying she got a call from the immigrations asking about our sisters coming over to japan to visit us. (time for a lil background - usually when a person catches a flight from fukuoka, you end up sleep throughout the journey and being woken up by someone just when you arrive at the airport. ive been doing this everytime i go back home, which is the reason i never know the way. so when i saw that we were in the city and there was no sign of an airport - i paniced!)
after bugging the untensurusan fr like ten mins in my sleepy-n-broken japanese, i was told that we were yet to get there. finally i reached the airport, ran around looking fr them and was told that everything was fine and the immigrations jst wanted to 'check'!
so we came back to beppu, with one of them saying - 'this country stinks' - owing to some weird fishy thing she'd eaten on the plane, and the other one all excited and ready to start her one month in chinki land.
their first lil party last night at the beach was fun! even though i'd to come back home early cuz one of em wasnt feeling too well (first encounter with alcohol) i guess she will be fine and i wouldnt have to come back home like last night nemore.. so wanted to party! but i guess on the 1st day, din've much choice. but they'll understand soon!
just hoping their stay is worthwhile. with plans getting made about okinawa, i really have no clue, but im really looking forward to the change.


seasoned_soul said...

that was so cute.."first encounter with alcohol". hehe. and okinawa..!! yes do try n make it. gna be really fun. altho we still looking for a untenshyasan..having whom the trip wud truly rock.

stash said...

hmm.. me hoping too.. gotta find out if i have ne exams during that time.. mez looking fr someone to drive too.. will letya knw if i do..
fr the time being, cute-guys-in-shorts: match is on fr tmr night!

Anonymous said...

did u see the shrink ?