Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fun’s a killer… and this is how I’m gonna die

“So, you’re not going to school again today??” – I think, I really want to but… a switch in my mind goes off, I doze off again and rajat leaves for school.

Lately going to school has become a far fetched dream for me. With my sisters here, taking them around the city has been on top of my priority list (in fact the only thing on my list – if there is one!)
It’s been a whole week – probably more than that that I’ve been to campus. People have messaged me saying – you dead or alive, we haven’t seen you in a while.
Never in my millions of dreams had thought that I, of all the people, would be getting sick of not going to school. I mean, it’s been a fantasy to just party and have fun on sunny days instead of sitting inside a boring classroom. I mean, who doesnt want that?? But now I reckon I’m insane when I say I really miss going up the hilltop and seeing the familiar faces and doing the same old routine!
Studies and work one after the other with no breaks are a killer for some of the people I know. They work hard. Seeing them work makes me wanna do something worthwhile with my life. Find and learn something new on my own that makes me say – who's the shit!! I found out a completly new way to do smth so easily.
But I haven’t had a chance to do this in months now. I haven’t been going for work (which I’ve finally started to missL) no classes and sitting in the cool air with the buzzing sound of some prof’s voice in the background. Things I never thought have recently started to make me crave them more than ever.
I’m sick of waking up getting ready and having fun... it’s another routine. lolz. Ain’t that a funny thought now!
So this means no matter what we do our lives will be in routines all the time?? That’s something I never wanted.
What the hell… I’m getting ready and going out.

Friday, June 23, 2006

20plus someone

daybefore we were having a conversation which made me realize i was sitting with three teenagers - my younger sisters and a friend - who are all in their teens!!
while they discussed how their lives were gonna change at 17 n 18, and shibika was freakin out abt this yr being the last of her teenage years, i thought to myself hello.. you're gonna be 22 this year!! and THAT totally freaked me out - not realizing im turning older as every day passes, not doing so much (which i am yet to figure out) cuz i am busy taking one day at a time and each moment as it passes (which is not a bad thing).. adding to all the trippin' feelings, i read sradha's blog which talks abt 'young love' which made me feel even older than before (i wont disclose much, you gotta read to know what im talking abt)...
but a lady gets the age she deserves (as put very truly by ms. coco chanel) so then i thought, what the hell - live life, love and hate people, get messy and party.. so what if im gonna be 22 this year, the rides only just begun and its going to be one helluva rollercoaster!!
and im happy now :)

Monday, June 12, 2006

dirty dancing n sakkaaa

Its crazy how seeing people sing and dance can be addictive and make you want to shake your ass the whole day long. I’ve been on a dance-high ever since I saw dirty dancing and walk the line. With the songs as good as weird steps of Baby and flip-flop of heels of ms. witherspoon, I can see all of it actually effecting my lil mind... arrgghh...
neways... moving the groove from dance; match is on for tonight. beers and cute guys in shorts (thats becoming my pet line these days)... valdez, cole, owen, beckham.. hmm, its all a big high!!
i thought it would be difficult to follow, but the game's a sure treat and a lot like bb. plans to watch the last one in the world sports bar (and im told we gotta be there hrs before to actually find places to stand!!) lets see how that works out now..
alrighty then, until next time..
much love (^3^)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

never drink if you gotta pick someone up

at first i missed the 5.40 bus which gets me to the fukuoka airport right on time to receive my sisters at 9am. and when i reached the bus stop fr the next one at 6.30, i was told that it didnt go to the bloody airport! so i sat waiting infront of a closed starbucks for half hour - looking like a complete homeless person (credit goes to my hangover from continuous drinking fr two nights). finally the bus arrived and i slept through the journey like a kid.
at 9am i was woken up by a call from isha saying she got a call from the immigrations asking about our sisters coming over to japan to visit us. (time for a lil background - usually when a person catches a flight from fukuoka, you end up sleep throughout the journey and being woken up by someone just when you arrive at the airport. ive been doing this everytime i go back home, which is the reason i never know the way. so when i saw that we were in the city and there was no sign of an airport - i paniced!)
after bugging the untensurusan fr like ten mins in my sleepy-n-broken japanese, i was told that we were yet to get there. finally i reached the airport, ran around looking fr them and was told that everything was fine and the immigrations jst wanted to 'check'!
so we came back to beppu, with one of them saying - 'this country stinks' - owing to some weird fishy thing she'd eaten on the plane, and the other one all excited and ready to start her one month in chinki land.
their first lil party last night at the beach was fun! even though i'd to come back home early cuz one of em wasnt feeling too well (first encounter with alcohol) i guess she will be fine and i wouldnt have to come back home like last night nemore.. so wanted to party! but i guess on the 1st day, din've much choice. but they'll understand soon!
just hoping their stay is worthwhile. with plans getting made about okinawa, i really have no clue, but im really looking forward to the change.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

What is it that we want.

I notice these days how some people get immensely BORED with everything around them. Even if they have friends who will do anything for them, work which they love, good grades, and the energy to attract anyone they talk to - there is a 'bored feeling' on their face all the time!

Its hard to understand what they are chasing because nothing seems to satisfy them. Yes, it is the same routine with the same people at college and the same food in the cafeteria. Life is made up of routines!

BUT people are happy and they enjoy every second that they live. Its what we give attention to that grows within and around us.

As for me - even if I get bored, it lasts only a couple of minutes because there is always something new to do.