Thursday, September 21, 2006

graduation and gang

Graduation is a custom one aught to get used to while at APU mainly cuz it takes place twice every year!!
But somehow, with every batch leaving for their 'better' places, I see myself getting more and more attached to the ones left behind - so much so that saying the goodbyes hit you harder than even your bad grades.
Every one of the crazy girls i knew has left for the place she’s to go to, with the exception of one who is staying with me till the end of the month till her job starts.
My homes in a mess.. mainly cuz we’ve been living like princesses and are always on the move. Our nocturnal instincts have matured to a great extent, with at least one of us keeping awake till the sun rises cuz she’s rattling her brains with the virtual world.
We’ve been pleasuring ourselves with some extraordinary meals – which surprisingly have increased the frequency of our hungry appetites. Each night we sleep with a heavy heart, and promise each other to wake up the following morning to do some 'yoga'… which, as you all are aware of is the only method one can lose weight by merely breathing!! However, the month has passed but that delightful day is yet to dawn.


seasoned_soul said...

sure sounds like u girls were living like princesses and partying way too much than what it is by 'normal' standards??..hehe suddenly had images of nicole richie and that hilton miss have it all, doing their thing. lol. Touchy bit on graduation and farewels...I miss seeing you guys too and miss all what I've left behind but I'm glad they are such beautiful memories I can ALWAYS fall back on no matter what.once school starts u gta blog about some serious APU shit k?! Keep us all updated.PS- wonder how me banks looking like? will mail reg. that in a few weeks after I get an a/c here. byee.

seasoned_soul said...
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