Monday, June 12, 2006

dirty dancing n sakkaaa

Its crazy how seeing people sing and dance can be addictive and make you want to shake your ass the whole day long. I’ve been on a dance-high ever since I saw dirty dancing and walk the line. With the songs as good as weird steps of Baby and flip-flop of heels of ms. witherspoon, I can see all of it actually effecting my lil mind... arrgghh...
neways... moving the groove from dance; match is on for tonight. beers and cute guys in shorts (thats becoming my pet line these days)... valdez, cole, owen, beckham.. hmm, its all a big high!!
i thought it would be difficult to follow, but the game's a sure treat and a lot like bb. plans to watch the last one in the world sports bar (and im told we gotta be there hrs before to actually find places to stand!!) lets see how that works out now..
alrighty then, until next time..
much love (^3^)


nanzy said...

guys in short. dammit.

diego luna is such a hottie.

p.s/ he's a dancer, not a footballer lolz

Anonymous said...

Cute guy? The only cute guy around here is ME! And I dance n play football too...

Cupid is in full bloom. Love is in the air...sigh.

Anonymous said...

hey, shut up cuter

seasoned_soul said...

that was... amusing.
RIGHT THEN getting back to ur post hehe..yup can feel u right. think i know just the highs u r talking abt.Dirty dancing back to back was good fun. damn those moves on swayze sure makes up for the face he's got! hadn't really enjoyed the sequel until...blah blah beeg bada boom sumthing happened and im all into latino now. :)
we're going for jp-brzl tonight. and we def. gta go for the finals together. and yes..earrrly!! so thats a cue for u missie to start thinking abt what u'll wear from NOW! haha