Friday, June 23, 2006

20plus someone

daybefore we were having a conversation which made me realize i was sitting with three teenagers - my younger sisters and a friend - who are all in their teens!!
while they discussed how their lives were gonna change at 17 n 18, and shibika was freakin out abt this yr being the last of her teenage years, i thought to myself hello.. you're gonna be 22 this year!! and THAT totally freaked me out - not realizing im turning older as every day passes, not doing so much (which i am yet to figure out) cuz i am busy taking one day at a time and each moment as it passes (which is not a bad thing).. adding to all the trippin' feelings, i read sradha's blog which talks abt 'young love' which made me feel even older than before (i wont disclose much, you gotta read to know what im talking abt)...
but a lady gets the age she deserves (as put very truly by ms. coco chanel) so then i thought, what the hell - live life, love and hate people, get messy and party.. so what if im gonna be 22 this year, the rides only just begun and its going to be one helluva rollercoaster!!
and im happy now :)

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seasoned_soul said...

love the attitude!! smear sum off that on me will ya ;)