Saturday, July 29, 2006

bic runga

maybe the whole summer bummer is into my head right now.. (cuz hell, its 4.47 in the morning)
dunno but this songs been haunting me ever since i heard it (a million times)
guess this will prbly get it out of my system then..

there's no cure, and no way to be sure
why everything's turned inside out
instilling so much doubt
my head is battling with my heart
my logic has been torn apart
it doesnt seem right to let you know all the things you mean to me
i should be much too smart for this
you know it gets the better of me
say you'll stay, don't come and go... like you do

sometimes songs can jst get enough on to you, eh!!
love you all so much


Dave said...

Haha take a chill pill yo

stash said...

hehe.. that was posted on a 'high' morning, dada!
im good.lolz.
hows the roppongi party going on??