Friday, February 16, 2007

Global Warmed Sunshines

after a tiring long week of 6 hrs of continuos talks on Globalization, I'm finally at the beginning of my winter vacations. even though i had to wake up everyday at 7 am and sleep late at night 'cuz of the presentations, i would say spending these 5 days in the politically charged class has been the BEST, from the numerous classes i've "marked my attendance" for, in my years at APU.
so now that my vacations are finally here.. i don't want to spend the first weekend sitting at home (as you must've already read in the previous post). i came up with a list of things i could do. however, as always, am a lil confused as what i should do.. so i'd highly appreciate if anyone could come up with suggestions. here's the list:

1. go to kyoto/kobe - chill out & go crazy taking pictures of temples & shrines.
2. get a tattoo
3. go shop (boots & bags)
4. take the 20,000 ticket and spend the weekend in tokyo - even though i'd probably go over the week after next.

apart from paying attention to the usual whirlpools in my mind, i've come to notice that the weather's been a lil weird this year. scary to think how the world temperature - or at least Beppu's - has changed so much so quick! last february, the city was covered under a few feet of snow, unlike this year's brown/dry/waiting-for-snow mountains.
with canada having experienced -30degs of temp, an average of 10 in japan, and indianHOTwinter.. i don't know what we are moving towards - but its going to be a helluva scary piece of (... umm...) something!! i saw the movie on global warming by Al Gore. accepted and heard all that he had to say. listened to the critics about him hyping up the whole "warming up" issue, but i think if we don't do anything NOW, we will see ourselves being underwater soon!!

heneways.. its our world as much as it is a world of the people who are destroying it, and hopefully things will change soon (for the better)!!

will scrap more later.. im going to have some beauty sleep before the long weekend.

buckets full of snow for those who haven't had any this year :)

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