Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer Solstice 夏至

The event of Candle Night began on June 22, 2003 as a volnteer event organized by many Japanese environmental NGOs. With its lil-too-cheezy-slogan of "Turn off your lights, and take it slow," calls for a two hours of complete 'lights out' and spent in the serene atmosphere of candlelights.

Many groups such as the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, businesses, governments & public facilities as well as artists in a variety of fields across Japan have shown their support for this event.

The website even gives you "quidelines" on how to enjoy two hours in a candle lit environment. From DVDs and CDs sets to play on the event, to the kind of music you should listen (punk rock, jazz, electronic), the sort of activities you can do: read a book, have a quiet dinner, games you can play such as hide-n-seek, even take a bath, have a party, or sleep!!
The event is organized in almost all over Japan, with CandleNight special talkshows over the radio in Tokyo, and candle-lit temple visits in Kyoto.

This year's 'Candle Night Summer Solstice' will be held from June 22 to 24, from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
No matter where you are and how busy your work might be, take out 2hrs on either of these 3days and be relaxed.

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seasoned_soul said...

Ur blog went really well with the music!:) Its a great idea actually...forget environmenatlly...but romantically as well. 2 birds with a stone ne. Thanks for that dream analysis btw. I wonder who i need to "cut out" off my life..and the fact that im actually "looking" for people to "cut out" is just plain lame. haha.aah let dreams be this case atleast. Hope to be reading mre from you..about taifus and earthquakes and even the "usual" stuff u guys do in beppu...coz its always good to read them and get sucked into a time vortex ...of good ol days.Love you.