Sunday, May 06, 2007

the K-O

friday night fever was on. we had a yummy dinner after which shibi and i went to our fav 'speak easy' & then infront of tokiwa where we shared a few 'chu-hi's. after being in our 'happy' state for sometime, we walked towards pastel & world sports bar where we met ankur strolling outside, and then followed him inside to the white-chambers of pastel.

shibika being the smart one didnt have any other drink/shot, while i got extremely enthusiatic about having a KO - a true 'knock-out' - with 96%alcohol rasberry vodka, gin, and cranberry juice. when i got the glass, the only thing i could notice was the smooth googley glass infront of me. with every sip, something snapped in my head, and even though i was aware of the fact that i would be going crazy VERY soon, i kept on having the devil's drink. no kidding, it was one of the yummmmiest drink ive had so far!

then smth struck, the strings went loose and i was on a highway to dumptown. as im still in no position to recall the events of that night, i was told the next day that i had gone insane! i was having a very majimena conversation with the professor who took my interview for a TA - and in no time, i was screaming at him abt women-rights and empowerment (i can just remember his scorn expression at me like he could kill me - trust me he COULD) which followed with the screams being transfered at Masa, who was behind the bar that evening, about india being more culturally diverse & rich in comparison to any part of the world, esp. china! after which my waterballoon burst and i was howling like an irritating kid like the world was going to end tomorrow. and before being dragged out of the place, i insisted on paying for isha's drinks as well and threw a 5000bill on the counter (umm... isha wasn't even there that night!)
if it wasnt for rajat & shibika, i would have been left lying on the street smwhere. they put me in a cab, heard me screaming "stupid boys" like a zillion times followed by my skrieks to pay for isha & myself !again! for the cab-ride, somehow got me home where they saw me throw up and passout in the toilet.

i was my WORST-est behavior and if it wasnt for them, i dont knw what i would have done.. i can get very pissing off and irritating - something i HATE abt getting drunk.. but they stood by me and were there. it means a LOT that they went through this trouble of bearing with my nuisance again, and so i want to promise myself and you all, of never getting unconsciously drunk EVER in my life again, and esp decline any offers of having a 96%
thank you for always being there for me.
love you all.

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seasoned_soul said...

hehehe fun fun. I miss speak easy..we discovered it too late:( Check out the song Alcohol by Brad Paisley on Youtube..its a true tribute to drinking!:)