Saturday, February 24, 2007

Aint he the cutest lil monkey !?!

p.s. from "Shelly Scraps: Musings of a British illustrator in Japan"


seasoned_soul said...

of all the monkey sketches ive even seen in my life hehe..thats gta be the smartest one.

seasoned_soul said...

lol..was just about to snap at you for nt posting but the music did good one..the classic symphony in D major...reminds me of some japanese cake shop for sum reason..or a hotel resturant ..hmm..
check out pachabel's canon in D. is good but whats better is this guy who plays his version on electric guitar. search canon in D, Jerry C and be prepared to drop ur jaws in awe! ;)!!

John said...

Thanks very much for posting my monkey illustration Travieso. Actually the image is copyright so you really should have asked first. I'd appreciate at least a link back to my blog or my website. Cheers!