Wednesday, January 10, 2007

new yr greetings n moo

!! happeee nuuu eeeer !!

ten days already gone by, i have a good feeling about this year.. not to mention it is the last one of my beloved university life, things might go abit crazy with thesis & job-hunting. but nevermind.. it will all come and go for the best! :)

the beginning of the year was nothing i had expected it to be.

at first we couldnt come up with a "plan" cuz it was freezing outside (compared it now its nothing but whatever), and we were quite reluctant on going to a club - you know, been there done that last year sorta thing. so we hit off the night with a big big 'last supper' as a farewel to 2006.. pasta and wine. having a lil too much fun there, we forgot to keep a check on the time, until someone said it was 8mins to midnight when we got out. we ran down the restaurant, along the road then down again into the subway only to emerge from it at 'sharp' 12:00 to see the fireworks explode infront of us!!

we wished each other and then stood staring at the "rappers" who were performing on a lil wooden stage with about 100people dancing to their tune, surrounded by stalls of food and sochu (jap alcohol - drunk HOT in winter). with the smell of fried chicken and beer, we walked off to the street performance of wadaiko, then to the numerous clubs that we have in that area - roots, zima, sports bar - they were all dim with drunk japanese/APU students welcoming us. so we decided on taking home - cards & drinks - and playing poker!!

our first walk home from the 'happening' side was a comical one with ankur doing copies of the Wagah border march (the borderline btween india and pakistan). with shrieks of laughter we entered our neighbourhood and rajat's apt (which we managed to trash superbly). we played poker all night, along with the 'HIT ME' game (dunno know what you call it) with nihal being the dealer. we had a bottle of an expensive-yummy-peach-french-wine, of which ppl kept trying to get a hold of all the time, and sme other drinks. after laughs on winning and losing started to show us the korean way of playing poker. the rules of this none of us drunkards could comprehend, so we concluded on the fact that it was a truly lousy game :) (oopsie.. no offenses)!!

later the babes started to topple on the sack one after the other, while the dudes started their fierce discussion on their beloved 'apples & windows', with reference to the fountain(head) as well. later on they watched the first sunrise of the year and grabbed a bite of the (much abhorred now) Mac!

the following day, while the rest of the us went for an elaborate trip to scary-wet-cold Yufuin, i stayed at home sleeping n having fun, so much so that i got a homedelivery of chicken tikka masala for dinner!)

with such a good start to the new year, i wish you all a great many incidents/accidents of happiness with outcomes that are truly IN YOUR favour :P may the lord be kind and you have tons of great things knock on your doors.

keep in touch & us informed abt all that goes around thru blogging (if not mailing n chatting).

much love n happiness for the year to come..
until we meet again!!

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Anonymous said...

im glad u had a good time and a great start to the yr. was very natsukashi reading about the hanabi, beer, sochu, fried chicken stalls and wadaiko!! Yup u gta live it up girl..for yourself and for the rest of us living in past glory.:)