Friday, January 12, 2007

reports and cars

i have two lousy reports, along with the major end-of-semester japanese report due on the same day. when you are under work-pressure, lousy thoughts start to pop up in your head, making you tensed for no rhyme or reason. things of no importance start making episodes in the mind n getting you worked up.

so, while i was cribbing and getting pissed about things around me, i got an email informing me about a car accident that one of my friend's been in.

the boy driving the car died on the spot, while the other 2kids along with my friend had multiple fractures & were in crital conditions. she is now thankfully off the critical list - but it will be a long long recovery, with many corrective surgeries along the way. her skull was fractured and her face badly damaged. but she's alive, all there and fighting to get well - so it will be okay.

reading all this made me feel extremely small. it made me realize that there are bigger and serious challenges that poeple have to face. our own petty mind-games mean nothing when one hears abt someone facing and going through so much. the lil differences that we have among ourselves should mean little, & be resolved soon. life is too short n uncertain to worry about stupid things. i can only feel grateful for evryone and evth i have.

for those of you who go out on drives, dont do it too FAST - just keep check on the accelarator and be safe okay!
you are all too precious to lose.
love and big hugs.


Anonymous said...

Shit im sorry to hear about ur friend. Was this in india? or anyone frm Apu?? this is some pretty scary shit. and ur thoughts on it after the news of the accident..couldn't be truer!

stash said...

yea, it happened in india. guess delhi traffic still sucks BIG time!! its one of my high school friends.
dun worry abt it. just stay a lil careful while going on drives.. dont do anything stupid :P