Thursday, February 15, 2007

session blues

splat! splat! splat! and it started to rain like crazy on the 14th morning as i woke up.

there was nothing special abt the day, as i'd always thought of it to be :(

pretty casual.. and i managed to get a lot of work done.. hehe
covered-up for the winter session classes that am taking these vacations, after which i went to teach english to two japanese ladies. one of their daughter's made me "cashewchocos" which were YUMMMMMM as heaven (on the other hand, the woman whom i teach, gave me 2japaaneeezu apples!!!!) and i went on to teach the other lady - kimiko.. who, as the dear ol' helpful japanese that she is, introduced me to another friend of hers who's looking for an english teacher!!
a long dinner at our favourite Kuuta-ramen followed the english lessons and meeting with my new student. it was ashmas birthday, and was a lil funny wishing her happy valentines (and birth) day in the same breath.
all in all, the day was fruitful and i got tons of HAPPY n GOOD news.. it will be told to ya all in a couple of days.. justo waito a momento!!!!!

with everyone doing somethin fun away from sad beppu.. ive been having dreams if running over to somewhere during the weekend. aditis going skiing on sunday (swear, if she din, i would have visited her in Mie-ken!) rajat and ankur are having a good time in tokyo with dave. home being home, isha's having a helluva blast too.

as for me... hmm.. ppl have promised to mail me list of parties and events for the weekend, but lets see what happens.
this post has been like writing a (s)crappy journal entry.. will write more later, cuz i have to read 282pgs of World Politics for tmr's exam!!

upcoming post... love n bright-global-warmed sunshines


seasoned_soul said...
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seasoned_soul said...

oops..sorry ..duno what happened rte now. comment lol. Goob job bagging them students..if u r really good wt them and the word spreads ard even if only within their u can have a proper class of 5-6.AND u went to kutaa!:( Do u recognze old faces there? My hottie chef urushima?? now i'm ttly wet for him lol. How about tencho? hmm wonder if u even recognize whos who. anyway...if u see anyone familiar from when i used to work..tell them i said yoroshiku from engurando.waiting for ur "many" good newses btw. tc