Monday, January 29, 2007

little miss sunshine

"It may be clunky, it may not always run right, but everyone will be OK so long as we all get together and push."

by far the most (well, 'one' of the most) funny-touching-real movies ive seen.

its about a family taking a cross-coutry trip to get their young daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant. the 2days trip turns into a journey.. making them realize that the distance they travel between themselves is more than the one they covered on the road.

with a grandpa who dopes, a mom who smokes, a motivational speaker as a dad, an uncle who tried to kill himself for a "looooong reason", and two lovely kids (wont tell you their special traits!) i wouldnt say the family resembles mine or anyone else's, but the mere fact that they have their differences like any of us, and yet able to stay together and overcome problems is what touches the hearrrrt!!

hope you like it as much as i did
love n 'sunshines' as always :P


adzaqua said...

it's called little miss sunshine? hmm..will try and download it! how was the grad party? waiting to see the details here!!

seasoned_soul said...

Totaly agree wt u on that one! I was very moved wt the story. Beautifully potrayed film! Saw the pics ..loooked like fun! waiting for the blog now. :)

Dextra said...

Keep up the good work.