Saturday, February 13, 2010

other end of the spectrum

School without the kids is no school at all... 
My fellow Japanese teachers are all taking a long weekend off because of the national holiday on Thursday. Even if I had one teacher here with me it wouldn't have been this bad. I feel as though the kids are all hiding somewhere and might jump out and scare me.

There have been a lot of firsts over the past few days, and one on the emotional level has been the realization of comprehending my parents saying, "Home isn't home when you kids leave for school after summer/winter break." On the other hand I can also understand the excitement teachers, who lived on the school campus, felt when they saw students back on the Welham Girls' campus.

Channelizing this feeling of longing for all the noise and play with kids into something creative - like decorating the classrooms or making props for the upcoming Hansel and Gretel story in the books - is going to be the task of the day.

Anywho, I better come back from dreamy clouds, live in the present moment, be grateful for all the love that poures in various forms and most of all, take a bike ride in the warm sun.

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