Saturday, January 23, 2010

Do you have it in you?

"Are you in control when youre sleeping or when youre dreaming? No Are you in control of any other function in your body? Your heart is pumping all by itself. The food you stuff in the stomach gets digested all by itself. Do you have any control over them? Are you in control of the Sun and Moon moving around the globe or even the globe rotating on itself? Are you in control of the thoughts that come into your head?

So, when you realize you really do not have any control over all major things that are happening in you life, youll stand up and laugh. Oh, what am I thinking, am I in control of something? Then you will realize that the idea that you are in control is an illusion. And then you relax. And that relaxed state is called surrender.

When you cannot surrender, then you make effort, and effort makes you surrender. So when you say, I cannot relax, I will say, Ok, hold your fists tight and tight and tight. Then, when I ask you to make it tighter and you cannot do that, what do you do? Being tired, you just drop. This is coming to the other end with effort.

Judgment is very similar to self- blame and blaming others. We have to get out of this vicious circle of self-judgment. That is also the state of surrender. When you have surrendered to the Divine that means that you no longer judge yourself. Self-judgment is not necessary.

A child is so innocent, why? Because the child doesnt judge itself."

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