Thursday, January 15, 2009

being extra 'chanto'..

Im just sooooooooo mad right now.

First of all, this ex-boss of mine pesters to provide a pick-up everyday to Yon and me, saying that its too bad we don’t get transportation fee cuz we live within 2 kms of our office.
Now, he’s supposed to come between 8~8:10 every morning to pick us up, and today he royally forgets to not only come but doesn’t even call to inform us!!!!!

I mean, there is a perfectly secure and an on-time bus service that runs from my place to the office, but noooo Yon says, “Shrezza~, we should not spend 170yen when we he is being so generous“… for WHAT !!

So today morning, when he reached our house at 8:20 (BTW, first bell for work goes off at 8.25am), he called Yon to tell her that he already punched our time-cards at the office since he was there earlier, so we can be late.
Now Yon, for some reason skipped ‘him’ punching our cards, and tells me to call Bunpo – who works with us – to ask him to put our cards. So I message Bunpo, who puts in the cards too.

On reaching work, Yon and I go to see if Bunpo did as instructed and we find that both our cards are signed in at 8:01(ex-boss’s punched in time) and then signed out at 8.29 (Bunpo’s punched in time).
Since I am usually unaware of the dates and days, I think that 15th was yesterday, conclude that NOONE punched our cards, and slide my card into the machine before Yon gives out a faint ‘nooo Shreza’ when the machine prints a bright red 8.35am… i.e. I messed up!!!!!

So now MY card has 3 different times on it Yon has 2 but moreover, I have one that is bright RED in color… perfectO
You know, this is the reason I always do my work on my own. I do not trust people - especially those who laugh like jackasses saying ‘you never listen to me and always raise your voice when I am saying something’. Well mister, you’re crazy and too old to get stuff into your head, who wants to hear it from you, you tried to act smart and it backfired BIGTIME putting our creditability at stake!!

I come late and even take extra holidays (for which the company cuts my salary as it is against the soul of a Japanese to do so) and I’ll prolly go to jail in the Japanese hell for these bad conducts- all said and done, I take do as I please, suffer the consequences, I even pay for it and I don’t look back.

But I do not lie or ask ppl to put cards in to ‘show’ that I am always on-time and chanto (i.e. extra cautious and proper in Japanese) sumi-freaking-masen!!!
Im just soo mad right now… aarrggh…

To top it all, when I told him that it was his mistake and we should have just let our cards be as they were - cuz we were late by mere 5mins - he has the balls to laugh hysterically and say that he is the highest ranking person in the office, and so I should not disagree with him. Uh, earth to dumbass, you messed up and me look like a stupid person...
Do hell with it!
If the HR says anything to me, I will tell them it was his fault.
Moreover, I am commuting to and from work on my own starting today evening after work, I don’t care a rat’s ass what he or Yon or anyone else thinks.

I am done listening and having this crazy-old-japanese-man snigger at me all the time.

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