Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dream on 2012

I dreamt last night that in 2012, when the planets align, Earthlings are called upon by people from another planet (by people I mean, "people" not "aliens").

It's going to happen in a day's time when humans will have to just "leave" or abandon the Earth to go inhabit another planet. 
Reason: we have polluted the Earth to a level that there wouldn't be any other way to make it better other than for the Earth to re-form/ renew itself. With the humans gone it will be able to do so at peace, send all the garbage, that we've created, under the sea (like the previous civilizations) and become better.

Believing that this Universe is our home, people (with developed powers and awareness, who respect life, their planet, are friendly to one another) will pick a few thousand chosen humans at their discretion and will, to share their planet and take up the task to make us like them.

You might ask "Why are humans saved if we're unwanted by our own planet?"
There is goodness in every heart. Every person knows what favors their own and their loved ones' growth. It is only the desire for small pleasures in short run, that we miss the boat that's beneficial in the long run.
Seeing this aspect of humans that is hid beneath all the dust particles of 'me, I, mine', some are chosen.

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